When Disaster Strikes: Data Recovery


Data is the lifeline of all businesses and companies today. The efficiency of an organization often depends on information technology specialists who work round the clock to keep servers and networks running. With a variety of media types and encrypted coding, data is susceptible to loss or damage. Thus it’s safe storage is key to the functioning of the organization. And a respectable web hosting company will ensure just that –  it’s clients are least vulnerable to data losses.

Avoiding The Avoidable: How To Negate Data Loss

For clients, purchasing various softwares and apps to prevent data loss often becomes a tedious task. Well-experienced staff can understand the intricacies of server networks and threat reduction. Here are the options for you on how to negate data loss:

  • Find Your Saviour! A good quality host will ensure your data is safe and sound at all times. To be able to find one, it’s really important to do your own research. Read plenty of informational reviews and take cues from other users’ experiences.There are many companies that provide good and, at the same time, affordable web hosting. All you need to do is search for the right one.
  • Use Plugins: A variety of in-built plugins can help you save your data. The free XCloner plugin for WordPress backs up your data efficiently.  It can be be easily downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository and contains a host of features.

Image 2 Avoid Data Loss

  • Backup Services: Prestigious web hosting companies provide backup services at highly affordable rates. Without really shelling a bomb, you can ensure the safety of your web files.
  • Begin Clouding! Cloud-based backup services are of two types: you can either store select files in the cloud for remote access, or employ a service that automatically backs up all your data. While choosing a backup service, make sure it uses data encryption. So, head-jump into cloud backup worry-free!

Arming Yourself: Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster preparedness deals with building solutions that permit you to protect your data in case of unfortunate events like system failure, software malfunction events or loss of data due to hacking or viruses etc.

While acknowledging that disaster recovery is quintessential, a robust recovery plan can play a big role in ensuring that your business recovers quickly, with minimal data loss and downtime. It is a known fact that 50% of companies fail to prepare a disaster recovery plan, thus fail to recover when disaster strikes, and to re-open post disaster.

Image 3 Arming Yourself

The Future Of Data Loss Mitigation

Acceptably, it’s a HUGE problem plaguing the web hosting industry. Possible measures to counteract data loss are constantly being devised. It’s a field to watch out for. As a client, you can best protect yourself through quality services of a good hosting provider. Stay safe!

A sustained interest in various facets of hosting technologies reflect in Sofia Brooks’ easy to connect and comprehensible views on a wide range of related topics. Currently she works with Hosting Reviewed to help keep abreast with the latest innovations in the industry.

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