How To Prevent Paying For Printer Repair


As they say, nothing is free in this world. This is not only applicable to commodities and other basic needs, but also to existing devices we have at home, like a printer. If something bad happens to your printer, you are faced with two possibilities: repair or replace. Sometimes, depending on the model, a replacement is cheaper than a repair. But it is such a waste to replace a printer that has yet to serve the entirety of its life. Thus, it all boils down to prevention.

How to Prevent Paying for Printer Repair

Precautionary Steps

First, it is vital to prevent any damage from happening to your printer. This can be done by making sure that the printer is located in a place that is danger free. If there is a need to place a printer in a higher position, the unit should be made secure. It is also a good idea to keep your printer away from any type of liquid. Even a small glass of water when placed near a printer, serves as a threat to the printer’s life. Even just a single drop of liquid can cause a hindrance to your printer’s functionality. Another enemy of a printer is dust. Excessive dust can prove to be more dangerous than water and moisture.

How to Self-Diagnosis the Problem


However, if you are already suspecting that there is something wrong with your printer, before you decide to take the next step towards printer repair, complete basic troubleshooting by yourself. Make yourself familiar with simple know-how’s on how to fix your printer. It is recommended that you do this because some of these minor malfunctions do not require a printer repair specialist to fix them. For example, even a small paper jam can prevent your printer from working properly. One indication of a possible problem is the output. If, upon checking the printed document you see dark lines, uneven print tones, blotches, etc., it may indicate that you need to check either the print-head, ink toner levels or toner cartridge. As explained, some of these problems may just be in the printer’s hardware so rule out those that can be easily identified.

The Exception

I should note that if there is a considerable amount of damage to your printer, attempting to revive it to its previous state by yourself may not be a good idea. In this case, seeking the help of an experienced technician is the best step to take. Also, the repair technician should be knowledgeable about the specific brand of your printer. Also, printers, especially the newer ones, have built-in self testing features. This is extremely helpful because if the system finds a problem, it will provide suggestions on how to fix them, and some will even notify you if there is a need for professional service. Upon purchasing your printer, make yourself familiar with printer information so that you can avoid paying for printer repair.

Article written by Sarah Smith with advice provided on behalf of American Office Systems.

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