Explainer Videos: How Are They Made?


Explainer videos are everywhere on the internet: every company seems to have one. It is well known that explain videos require specialist video creation companies, but what exactly goes into creating an explainer video? What is the process behind making the best explainer video? Eager to find out? Then read on!

The company hired to make the explainer video consult with the client who the video is to be designed for. The consultation is held so that the makers of the video understand exactly what the client is after. The message that needs to be displayed is determined and the way that this message is to be communicated to the audience is also figured out. The company will then take the information they have gathered and conduct a brainstorming session to decide on the most beneficial and creative way they can achieve just what the client wants.

Scripting & Storyboarding

This is the second stage in the process of making and producing an explainer video. A team of writers work together to make your message into a script for the voice over. Graphic designers work alongside the writers to produce a storyboard that matches the script perfectly. The client is then contacted in order to make sure they are happy with the direction that the explainer video is going. If the client likes the script and design then the next stage begins.

Illustration & Animation

This is the part where the explainer video is created. The storyboard is made into a real animation, the music, sound affects and the voice over is added. The explainer video is constantly assessed to ensure that the original message has not been lost and that it is exactly what the client asked for. Finishing touches are added and then it is time for the final process.


Once the explainer video is made the client is contacted for a final review of the video. If the client is fully satisfied with the video then the company deliver the explainer video to the client. Most companies allow the client to choose the format the video is delivered in.

So there are all the processes that are involved in creating an explainer video for a website. If you are considering having an explainer video made for your site there are a few things that you should consider. You should always make sure that the company allow you to be involved in the process and that they have proven track record in putting together and producing great explainer videos. Doing this will guarantee you make the most of your money.

This is a guest post  by Leoni Dizon. Leoni is an advertisement specialist working for Flikli Animated Productions and now writes about how to create attractive business explainer videos, educational and instructional videos, and screencasts that brings concepts to life in a simple way.

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