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Why a Host with Fantastico is the Best Choice for WordPress Hosting



WordPress is currently the most popular blogging platform in the world. It started as a simple tool to help automate the task of posting frequent updates on a site, and it grew into a full-fledged CMS with thousands of plug-ins and themes available from tens of thousands of developers around the world.

Hosting companies have also started offering ways to make the installation of WordPress even easier. The most popular software that lets you do that is Fantastico, which can be found most often on cPanel installations, but is also available for other Control Panels. With Fantastico, a user can set up WordPress with their own settings in literally less than a couple of minutes. There’s no need to upload files via FTP or edit anything. A couple of clicks are all you need.

There are a lot of experienced players in the hosting industry, yet it’s almost always the small companies that trump the behemoths, because they have a couple of important advantages over them. In order to compete with them and stay in the business, they simply have to provide the best service possible, and the fact that they are still around and profitable with hundreds of clients are joining them every day is proof that they do it right.

It is very easy to set up WordPress using Fantastico. All you have to do is log in to your Control Panel, find the Fantastico icon and click it, scroll down to the Blogs section and click on WordPress. Hosting companies always have the latest stable version available, but you can also upgrade it to a newer one if you wish, with a single click.

You will have to select your installation domain, user name and password, basic configuration and other settings, but that is practically the hardest thing you’ll need to do. After you’re done, just click on “Install WordPress”, verify everything and click “Finish Installation”. That’s it! Now you can get busy writing posts and making your new blog known to the world.

The provider will take care of everything else, from the security of the server and your hosting account to the availability of the site and maintenance of the software. You will have to update your WordPress installation manually, though, but that’s a quick task that will take about a minute with Fantastico.

The pricing for a hosting account with Fantastico is no different than usual shared hosting accounts, and that makes them a very attractive proposition. Hosting companies know that customer service should be one of the highest priorities, that’s why they’ll always try to offer top notch support.

For the price and features offered, a Fantastico-enabled hosting package should be among the first to consider if you want to set up a WordPress site quickly and easily. Just give it a try – you’ll most definitely like it!

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