The Benefits of Owning OLED Televisions


Many entertainment enthusiasts are biting at the bit to own an OLED TV and with good reason. There are many benefits to this technology. Whether it’s the thickness of the TV or the green factor, these TVs are certainly worth considering. Because the technology is so new, many people don’t know what to expect. The good news is there are several benefits. If you love to watch TV and movies, take the time to learn the benefits that OLED TVs can offer.


OLED TVs can be made thinner than a pencil. This allows the TV to be much lighter and more easily placed within almost any room. The only problem is that it has been difficult to manufacture TVs with this technology that are as large as other TVs. The first OLED TV available for pre-order is only 55 inches, yet costs $12,000. Regardless, you can’t beat how thin these TVs are. This is one TV that can act as a true piece of modern art.

Contrast, Color, and Brightness

The picture quality of these TVs is undeniable. With the best contrasts, color, and brightness available in other other TV, it’s easy to see why people are willing to pay so much. Of course, you need to be aware that for the average household, these TVs are only expected to last around 6 years. For more people who are willing to spend this kind of money, that’s not going to be an issue. You’ll probably upgrade to the latest technology long before the TV wears out.


OLED technology is more eco-friendly than LED technology because it doesn’t require a back light. With OLED technology, carbon-based components are placed between conductors and emit light once electricity is applied. LED TVs require a back light that not only requires more energy, but also limits the quality of the picture.

The Curve

Because these TVs are so thin, manufactures have the ability to create curved screens. Curved screens have been used in much larger scales, such as IMAX theaters, to provide a more true to live experience. While you won’t have a TV that is over 20 feet tall, the curved screen can improve your viewing experience, allowing you to submerse yourself in any movie.

Better Than Ever

Last, but not least, OLED technology provides a viewing experience that looks closer to life that any other technology before now. If you want the best viewing experience for TV shows, movies, and even video games, you’re going to love this technology.

There are a number of great reasons to invest in an OLED TV. Whether you’re looking for the best picture available from today’s technology or want a greener option, this technology certainly has its benefits. While the price isn’t affordable for everyone, those that can afford to invest in an OLED TV should certainly consider it. Just be aware that your options are currently very limited. It will be a while before more companies are ready to compete in this market. If you’re willing to wait, you may be able to score an even larger model with even more features.

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Matt Daly works as a freelance interior designer and believes that every home has to have a tv. His current favorite is LG’s OLED tv for it’s unparalleled design that fits into almost any home layout and theme.

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