Why are BMX Games So Addictive


If you are bored of the same old style of video games that are offered on the mass market then you might want to give online games a try. While these games don’t come with the hefty graphics, they also don’t come with the hefty price tag. Online games are a great way for anyone to pass their time whether they are at home or on a break at work. While there are a lot of different variety of online games to chose from, some of the best out there are BMX games.

A BMX game is a game that is about BMX riding in some way. Most BMX games break down into two different kinds of games, racing games and stunt games. In BMX racing games you are often on a course that is filled with various obstacles and trying to make it to the end of the course as fast as you can. In a BMX racing game not only are you racing against time but you are also racing against other BMX riders both controlled by the game and sometimes controlled by other players. Most BMX racing games use some kind of point system to determine a winner and you get points by finishing faster, but lose points by crashing your bike.

The second type of BMX games are BMX stunt games and these games are focused on the player doing stunts on their BMX bike. BMX stunt games come in two different designs. One design is the halfpipe course. In a BMX stunt game with a halfpipe course, you are a BMX rider going back and forth on a halfpipe and try to pull of as many stunts as you can to get points. While the course doesn’t change at all, halfpipe style BMX stunt games tend to allow for more tricks than BMX stunt games that use a long course.

The other type of BMX stunt game is the BMX stunt course game. In this kind of game you play a BMX racer who is trying to navigate a course filled with ramps and obstacles by performing a large variety of stunts. Most of the BMX stunt games that use a stunt course give you points for pulling off neat tricks but penalize you or make you start over when you crash.

In the end, these BMX games are a lot of fun to play even if they don’t have the same level of graphics that newer console games do. If you have gotten tired of the sameness of console games, then look around for some online games and see if those work well for you. While a lot of online games are very simple, they really are a lot of fun and the best part is that they are free of charge so you don’t lose anything by giving online BMX games or any other kind of online game a try. Sure these games may not be fancy and loud, we play games to have fun and these games qualify as a lot of fun.

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