The Ultimate Guide To Select The Best HTML5 Video Converter Software


Many people are fond of video recording and editing, some do it because its their passion or hobbies while others do it to earn. It doesn’t in which category you lie, you will certainly need a tool or a website to help you convert a video file to any other file type or edit its fps, quality etc. But what is the right tool? There are lots of fluffs and websites offering the service, about 50% of which are just advert directing sites, or sites that do not offer much features. To get your hands on the proper tool you need to have an idea of ‘What you should be looking for’. Don’t worry, we won’t go into technicalities, just simple and useful stuff that you need and that an easy HTML video converter must have.

The Ultimate Guide To Select The Best HTML5 Video Converter Software

  • Look out for the name: The first thing you obviously will see is the name of the converter; you can find the useless ones just by the name.
  • Before downloading or using, check out for samples or screenshots: Screenshot and sample videos help you determine whether the tool is worth using and/or will fulfill your needs.
  • More features, More Good: The more features a convertor will have, the more will be your comfort; you won’t have to go looking for other software for editing.

What Comprises of an Easy HTML5 Video Convertor

If you were to talk about easy, then a video converter must have a feature that allows you to convert any type of video file to any other video file type. Moreover, you should be able to set the quality and thumbnail for your converted video. The tool or software should allow you to take up any video file and easily convert to mp4.

To name particular software,, is one such website that offers free software for you to edit and convert video files, the interface is quite simple and easy to use. Besides this the software works on all measure browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and mobile Operating systems (all of them). Another big name would be handbrake, which allows you to do much more than just converting (the only problem- bit too complicated). Besides these two only a few more converters are worth your time.

Hope this was helpful, a last piece of advice, do check out the software on google for ratings.

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