Millennials and Beyond: 4 Ideas That Are Now Commonplace


Millennials have so many valuable services available to them today that previous generations have had. It’s easy to forget that people didn’t have access to these amazing features even just 20 years ago. Technology has made life quicker and easier for most of the newer generation. Improvements still occur at an alarming rate and.

Some of these technologies have completely changed the way Millennials live their lives. For that reason Millennials often take the new advancements for granted. Consider these four ideas that are now commonplace in the era of the Millennials.

Millennials and Beyond: 4 Ideas That Are Now Commonplace

Online Shopping

People in previous generations would have envied Millennials if they knew they could shop online. Millennials can buy literally anything they want with a few clicks of a mouse. And they can even have it delivered right to their homes. In the past people would have mailed in order forms from magazines. This process would take at least two weeks. But now Millennials can buy something online and have it delivered within three days. The world of online shopping has certainly changed things forever.

Online Degrees

Everyone wants a college education. And it’s easier than ever to complete your schooling online. Millennials certainly take this technology for granted. People in the past would have loved the opportunity to further their education from the comfort of their own homes. These lucky Millennials should consider a public administration master’s online degree so that they can take advantage of everything that is available to them. Those who came before the Millennials weren’t able to access such an awesome piece of technology.

Video Conferences/Calls

Millennials involved in business take video conferencing for granted. If they want to talk to a client in Tokyo, they don’t have to send snail mail. They don’t even have to pay extra money for long distance calls anymore. They can simply use free software like Skype to have a video conference. So many businesses around the world benefit from free video conferencing that is backed by high speed internet connections. It’s easy to take it for granted.

Online Dating

Shy people didn’t have an outlet for going on dates in the past. Online dating makes things easier than ever for shy people to meet others for dating purposes. There’s very little pressure on sites such as OKCupid or PlentyOfFish. All you have to do is fill out your profile and send out a few messages. It’s surprisingly easy to meet people online. And modern Millennials take it for granted.

Millennials really do have it easy compared to generations of the past. The least they could do is appreciate all of the amazing services available to them. People in the past could only dream of having the kinds of technologies available to them that people today have.

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