Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic: Special Effects Lens


Lensbaby is a major manufacturer of various types of optics and accessories, turning out many different types of lenses such as edge 80, sweet 35, fisheye, soft focus, double glass, single glass, pinhole/ zone plate, and plastics. The Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic is a unique lens offering special effect abilities typically not  performed during the process of capturing images.

Properties and Features:

The Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic has a weight of 227 g with 51 mm diameter and 12 blades having the focal length of 80mm and a minimum focus of 43 cm. It has 5 glass materials of 4 groups. Its angle of view is 30 degrees. It has a maximum aperture f by 2.8(f/2.8) and minimum aperture of f by 22 (f/22).  It focuses manually like other Lensbaby lenses. One of the amazing features is that it has the ability to focus on the main image and blur the remaining parts of the picture. It has fast aperture handling, easy confession mode, and effective glare with good background. It is used for creative, stunning and special photography. It is also very capable of choosing contrast and colors. We can take good images by make it slant vertically, diagonally and horizontally to capture desirable moments.


Adjusting to achieve the desired result is no difficult task. Simply move it horizontally or vertically or to other angles (according to requirements) to focus it. Then rotate the optic from the front side for changing the width of the focusing image. Finally, adjust the top.


Focal Length:                     80 mm

Focus Image:                     Laid field optic

Max. Focusing Distance:      Infinite

Optic Diameter:                 51 mm

Min. & Max. Aperture:         F by 2.8 & f by 22 respectively


It is used for very sharp images and it is the best image detector for portraits. It is also ideal for various studio shots. It can render great results because of its specifications and infinite focusing.  You can adjust its focus very close to 17 inches from the image source. Alternately, you can make things appear very far away.

Compatible Products:

There are few products that are compatible with Lensbaby:

  • Lensbaby Composer Pro
  • Scout
  • Composer
  • Muse

Box Includes:

  • Edge 80 Optic with front and behind caps
  • Case for storage
  • Cloth for lens
  • Catalog
  • A 1 year warranty.
  • Its weight with box is 454 g.

Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic is really an awesome product for photography.  It’s great for creating special effects; without Photoshop, you can blur and dim, highlight and hide, emboss and dazzle the images. Given its features, it’s a good buy and promises to be as entertaining to use as the images it renders.

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