MP 990 Canon Pixma with Remarkable MultiTask Features


MP 990 Canon Pixma with Remarkable MultiTask Features

The MP 990 is a wireless printer with an excellent LCD screen, priced $299 dollars giving extraordinary output of printer quality. The input tray can hold 150 papers and an additional tray is also capable of holding 150 papers.

This silver coloured MP 990 Pixma looks stunningly appealing. It comes with the feature of in built duplexer which makes it possible to take double side prints. It does not enjoy document feeder and that is the only drawback of this printer. The USB port and power cord is located at the back and it gives the compact look for this MP 990.

This high quality printer is fixed with an LCD screen of excellent display unmatched with any other printer of its make. Through the display of the LCD you can easily locate the buttons of printer and a navigation wheel which is capable of carrying on immediate responses on getting the commands. The illuminated blue light indicates the printer is in working condition and another blue light located adjacent to it is an indicator of wireless connection.

The USB slot is located on the lower portion of the printer which is a bit narrow and small. Adjacent to USB port there is an infra-red interface which is useful for mobile phone connectivity. The MP 990 uses five colour inks as cartridges apart from the routine black colour. The top portion of the cartridges facilitates easy changing of ink cartridge with bright light.

It is very easy to set-up and installing the printer for wireless internet service. You can make use of navigation wheel for getting connected. It does function clearly without much effort even if you are printing from your computer or running a scan. The big LCD screen makes the user easy to read and give instructions. The printer interface has lot of output choice with varying sizes, designs and much more.

The speed of MP 990 was varying on different modes but overall the speed was faster and with great quality of the printed image. The printer was tested on printing photographic pictures and it passed out the test with greater speed. The speed lowered little when it was experimented for scanning and copying images.

The MP 990 with all the superb features like LCD screen and wireless connection was not found to be reliable on its speed. Sometimes, the printer stopped and again restarted when tested with different modes. The scanning report was also not reliable with accurate speed. Lot of differences were observed when the printer was tested for printing same image. Now and then, the printer could start cleaning itself for 30 seconds so that it will not start printing immediately on given input ‘to print’.

Setting aside of its flaws, this printer is capable of delivering extraordinary output quality of print. The test was repeated using various modes for text printing. Again it produced remarkable photo images also which is not common with other printers. Also, the scanning quality of the printer was looking great. All the above features make MP 990 Canon Pixma, an ideal printer capable of doing multi tasks.

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