YouTube Rolls out Full version of Leanback


YouTube is gearing itself up for this weekend’s mega launch of Google TV. YouTube alongwith with this big roll out is launching a variant of its own as well. YouTube is formally releasing its full version of YouTube Leanback that is developed totally for the TV experience.

Leanback which was officially revealed in the month of May this year at the Google I/O conference is like a core component of the search giant tactic to bring the online video in a different kind of realm that is the realm of living room. The Leanback offers an easy YouTube feel and the user interface offering features like basic commands based on keyboard, a greatly efficient and superior search interface, and a visually rich interface for browsing through video shows and YouTube clips.

The television feel of YouTube has been in the beta stages from quite a while; the site as per designed by Google Labs tonight will be accessible to all the users of YouTube community. YouTube product manager Kuan Yong wrote earlier in a blog post that users with the help of Leanback will have a full access to a comprehensive catalog of all the YouTube videos. Kuan also told in an interview that the developing team has been focusing to improve the users experience, search enhancements and other considerable changes that the users requested when the beta version was running alive.

YouTube Leanback and Google latest TV are in conjunction. It is simply the way Google wants surfers to experience the online video hub when they are exploring the internet on their latest Google TV’s. Whenever the users select a YouTube bookmark on their Google TV, they are prompted that whether they want Leanback as their default YouTube experience or they want YouTube simply the internet way.

Well, Leanback is somewhat made for TV, it is easy to personalize and is also less jumbled up. And as the Google TV powered devices are rolling out gradually, it’s time for Leanback to make its mark in the market as well. According to the statistics by Google, users of Leanback watch two times as much video as a normal user of YouTube does. Google is sincerely hoping that these statistics stay true because slowly and gradually Google TV is reaching the consumers nationwide across the US.

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