Drivers Turning to Mobile Gadgets to Stay Connected


Mobile technology is becoming the standard in computing and staying connected. With smartphones able to accomplish more than in the past, users are finding new ways to utilize their mobile gadgets to keep on top of information, stay social, and even complete work. Now even truckers are using mobile gadgets to stay connected with customers and family members. Here are 5 of the most popular gadgets that can be found in the cabs of over the road drivers and how they are using them.


The phone needs a new name. What was once used to just make calls is now used more for internet, texting, and apps. Drivers are now utilizing their smartphones to not only phone home, but also keep track of their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. With many drivers they tweet to keep their families updated on their current locations, delays, and just to know how everyone is doing.


These small screens are becoming cheaper to own and more essential for mobile computing. Many drivers have found the value in owning a tablet to do everything from check email, connect to their families and friends, and even find new customers. With an app for everything, truckers also have their own apps where they can find loads in the areas they are in and bid on them. Some drivers are even using these gadgets to track and update their logs.

Streaming Video Players:

With many drivers confined to small truck cabs hotel room after hotel room, entertainment is needed as much as sleep. Many drivers can be found carrying a streaming video player as standard travel gadgets. These players can connect to small monitors mounted in truck cabs or the TV in the hotel room. As an IP based video streamer, the gadget connects to the internet and streams video, usually via Netflix or other subscription based services.

LCD Screens:

Monitors and TVs are getting thinner and smaller while still offering HD quality. Many drivers are utilizing these screens for mobile entertainment. With the ability to connect various devices such as dvd players, streaming video players, gaming consoles, and even their smartphones, these screens are more of a necessity than a luxury.

Gaming Consoles:

Gamers will be gamers. No matter where they are traveling, long distance drivers who enjoy the recreation and relaxation of gaming will never leave without their favorite game consoles. Small and portable game consoles are easy to connect, enjoy, and pack away.

Over the road drivers are increasing in abundance as businesses are spanning across state lines. For those who are looking to make their travel more comfortable, entertaining, and social, take a look at the popular gadgets used by drivers today.

Patrick Johnson is a contributor offering advice on obtainingcommercial truck insurance for those looking for freelance truck driving jobs .

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