Samsung Gravity Smart SGH-T589 (T-Mobile)


Samsung Gravity Smart SGH-T589 (T-Mobile)

With a screen size of 3.2 inches Samsung launches its new mobile (gravity smart    SGH-T589). The mobile comes with 3.0 mega pixel camera and led flash, but bad news for camera lovers it lacks auto focus. The cell makes a video at 14 frames / second. Having an android operating system the cell has a processor speed of 600 MHZ.

As an actual android phone the cell is capable of handling many applications. In fact it runs more than 200,000 apps successfully with out any hindrance. With all this the cell has cloud text application, which allows the user to communicate from his computer through text messages. Placing songs won’t be a problem because the cell arrives with 3.5mm headphone, 2GB card and 102MB as an internal memory. All this enhances mammoth sound for music lovers.

Gravity smart has detailed internet connectivity and in case you get lost no need to worry because it is armed with free Google maps and it comes with voice. Playing and using lots of applications on this phone wont be a trouble because this machine is equipped with smart battery. At an edge mode you can prattle longer than 11 hours on this apparatus. The mobile has 5 desk themes from which one can easily change any one just by sliding your finger on screen. Not only the cell comes with a Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi calling service but also provides features like GPRS, EDGE, and HSDPA. The cell can cope up with SIM networks like GSM and UMTS.

The dimensions of smart phones are 4.5 x 2.3 x 0.6 inches it has a weight of 136.08 grams. The phone comes in different colors like maroon, blue and grey etc. The touch screen is very easy to use and the screen has 320 x 480 resolutions. Adding to it accessories the cell has very smooth and slim QWERTY pad. When you don’t want to type on rubber keyboard you can type on screen. With a plastic covering the smart phone is made out of metal. Pleasing for the eyes the covering gives out a shine in light.

Besides all its fancy applications and accessories gravity doesn’t give expected voice qualities. Faint tones were reported during call and some of the calls were also dropped. It has mix response times for different apps and web pages when viewed in the set are little rough. Smart can not play HD video which is a set back. While video recording video it was seen that the cell can max up to 320 x to 240p which was quite heart breaking for a cell having android os.

Gravity smart is not a bad quality phone. Yes it lacks some things but can do lots of apps. Its video playing ability is quite smooth and has android os. The cell comes with an affordable price, low weight, easy to use, has a touch and QWERTY keypad and it is a smart phone. The phone is equipped with many features and has a good speed. Has good camera to save your precious memories. Overall the mob is best because it is affordable and technology at its best.

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