Panasonic DMP-BDT300, Blu-ray


Panasonic DMP-BDT300, Blu-ray

Panasonic introduces another Blu-ray Panasonic DMP-BDT300. Although the new blu-ray is not expensive as compared to BDT350 but only thing that is missing is DLNA. If you are not interested with file sharing then why not try this player? And save some money as well.

The new Blu-ray gives all the video technology that is expected from any good player. Brace your self as this machine is equipped with such features that will make your ordinary DVD a contraption. The player also plays HD DVDs and is attuned to BD-R and stuff related to it. The player is also compatible with DivX and JPEGs. There is more talking about color the apparatus has deep color. It is state of the art technology that brings life to movie. It enhances the color expands the color strength to billions just from millions, making the movie sharper and crisper.

What about audio technology? Just like video quality the Blu-ray has an audio out of this world. Have full high definition 1080 pixels, Dolby TrueHD as its specialty the user are expected to experience superb audio. BDT300 is also compatible with formats like CD-DA and all favorite MP3. The new Blu- ray is equipped with all features as with 350 but lacks DLNA. But the player still posses some quality features. There is WI-FI which is built in. when there is no internet connection, users can enjoy automatic WI-FI to fulfill their needs. If you are into streaming then you would be happy to know that the machine has VIERA Cast. This will allow the user to stream videos from you tube, Amazon and other sites foe example Netflix. There is also universal remote; the feature allows the user to use same remote for TV and for Blu-ray. If you are still not satisfied there is always an option of internet and phone to find more features about this player.

Panasonic throws same ports with BDT 300 just like with 350.there is 2 HDMI and USB output ports. They can easily be connected on the player. Also if you want to buy there is analog output which is audio and one SD card slot if the user want to fill it with stuff etc. in the end what can be said about the new player? Comes with great functionality and is just like half filled and half empty glass. Because the player is armed with all expensive and quality features that are must for a fancy and good player. What makes the glass empty now? The answer is DLNA, But looking and judging the device critically it can be said that this posses no issue. It is not a big deal. Yes, it allows the user to share files but you do not share file every second of you life. However, DLNA is factor that can be considered but we have to look at the options it is not expensive, has style, decent and there is WI-FI plus universal remote option. That will obviously save some money and trouble of buying remote for the player alone. So if we look we can say the BDT- 300 is a smart choice indeed.

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