Sony Play Station 3


Sony Play Station 3

Improving further is Sony’s PS3 which now has taken a step forward and is offering full attuned to Blu-Ray, while its communicative and online capabilities are also enhanced. Thus becoming an entertainment hub and at the same time due to internet, serving other purposes as well. This time consideration on shader tech has given a boost to its graphics and video out put. Adding to that, the already installed video memory also aids the same purpose.

More than 410 famous games like GTA 4, Motor Storm, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc has been already released. The gaming-station currently out numbered the amount of games available on other consoles. The gaming network has also improved a lot and now offers the user with a unique id and the ability to search a suitable opponent by details such as id, country, age, skill, etc. Sony has enhanced the PS network by making a video section so that movies and TV series can be downloaded directly to the user hard disk. Although those that belong to Sony and a few others also. An additional feature is that a Sony PSP can also be used to play games that ore on PS 3 via remote control or a direct connection. So that makes it a hand held gaming station also. Wireless accessories like headsets, remote controllers, USB and Blue-Tooth keyboards, even network adapters and a web camera have decreased the hassle of cables and wires and shut the mouths of different critics. This is also helpful for the gamers as they feel more freedom while playing and a lot of clean space rather than messy bunch of wires.

PS 3 makes use of wireless and Bluetooth tech for connective purposes. Having faster than before CPU/GPU abilities and extended memory size, also increased storage makes the slim portal faster, more user friendly and capacitate for downloads and good web surfing. Sony also offers several options to aid and support their users. Their services currently range from telephone and email to online live chatting.. The official Sony website is also a place where info about how to and from where to get repairing help, site also includes various updates. Among all this the best is that Sony has a dedicated section to help users and for downloading manuals and tutorials.

People have always criticized big companies like Sony and although Xbox 360 has better graphics to offer and an even better online platform, PS3 has its own standards and position. It supports several multimedia functions, which include Blu-Ray, DVD plus a number of audio formats. No other console in the market is compatible with Blu-Ray. The console also has an inspiring gaming library. The design is unique, good looking and glossy. Its appearance stands out from the rest. For people who are seeking a console that provides a wide range of multimedia options, PlayStation 3 has what it takes to satisfy their needs. Whether you are an Xbox fan, PS addict or a Nintendo geek, you must view this contraption before buying something else.

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