Should We Give Away the Crown to the Google Laptop?


Should we give away the crown to the Google Laptop

Google has been one of those IT firms which turn out to be a dream place to work for many people. Not only youth but people who have been working in this field for quite a long time also wish to work for Google.

Till now, Google was famous for its search engine, web browsers and now it has stepped into the arena of OS developers and laptop producers. Google laptop is the product to which many laptop lovers are looking forward to. Though Google chrome CR-45 laptop is yet to be launched but its prototypes have been distributed to common users for testing and feedback purposes.

An exceptional feature which has been introduced in Google laptops is the use of Chrome Operating System which itself has completely transformed the way we work on our computer systems. The operating system facilitates to work on different software without the hassle of installing them to their own personal systems and rather use that software online. Although you can save files into your Google laptops.

This revolutionary concept introduced by Google has amazed everyone by its fast speed. You switch on your computer and Chrome CR-45 will boot up in 15 seconds. Once the system booting is complete, it will take you only 5 seconds to reach to the login screen. The users will have an experience of 12.1 inch screen with matte appearance, providing a resolution of 1200 x 800. Processor has been adopted from one of the best sellers of Intel which is Intel Atom-N455 Processor. Some of the common features include 2GB DDR3 RAM, USB 2.0 ports, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi facility.

Although, Google laptops have surprised people with respect to the storage memory. You will have an access to only 16 GB SSD memory. The weight is considered to be a drawback but the revolutionizing software and architecture have drawn the attention of many customers. Google laptop provides efficient batteries to work with which facilitates its user with 6-8 hours of backup on full charge.

Though, CR-45’s new design and operating system has paved a path to new concepts but it will take a longer time to fit in. People will take time to get adjusted and trust to the new working style. People are more used to work on their personal computers with their firewalls and anti-virus turned on so that they have all security they want to secure their data.

Online working may tend to creating problems for some masses since it won’t be possible for a person to gain access to a network all the time. Even a slow or bad network connection will cause hampering to your working speed and delays will tend to occur. Thus, buying Chrome CR-45 won’t just be enough to ensure fast and efficient working, one need to maintain an excellent network connection. So let’s hope this revolutionary step taken by Google paves a way to a new stream in the field of Information Technology.

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