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Dell, Inc. is now ready to storm the market of laptops by introducing the much talked about Dell Streak & which is due for release in the following month. It will be a great competition to companies who are engaged in the business of tablet laptop. Its newest addition to the Streak series is anticipated as a top-class tablet with some brilliant features.

The Release of Dell Steak 7 will lend its users the utility of making movies and sharing photos at the same time. It’s easily portable and its size will make it all the more easy for the users to carry around. Here are some of its features:

  • Android TM 2.2 powered tablet lends a flawless experience on the web.
  • Effervescent 7-inch, multi-touch display accompanied by Adobe Flash 10.1.
  • For video chatting on the web, there is a 1.3 MP camera on the front. For videos, movies and mobile Web there is a widescreen display.
  • Pre-installed, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi along with a 16-GB of internal storage.

The awesome, in-built Adobe Flash 10.1 helps that your most favored websites can be load and in great resolution. It is not only effective but it gives some top-quality display and you can play games, surf the net just like that, email and download content and will be done so very easily. This is one of the best features in this tablet laptop.

If you want some entertainment whenever you feel like, Stage™ offers you quick way in to your preferred movies and you will also be able to watch your favorite TV shows as well. On top of it all, due to its portability one can see videos as easily as they can get access to it.  Video chat is made easier than ever. Thanks to its camera quality, your folks are not separated from you and you can say a hello whenever you want. The big screen lets for private chats that put you in person with the people who are closest to you. No need to stay still to talk, the Wi-Fi access will make video chatting on the go ever so easy.

On the Dell Streak 7 tablet laptop one can get access to about 700,000 eBooks and complete their passion for reading. Thanks to its good quality screen one will not end up squinting and will aid you easily read about the titles. And most importantly, its design makes each reading simply effortless. All because of its Stage software, you obtain the best source of getting access to entertaining stuff. Get movies, games, enjoy your beloved tracks and by using RadioTime you can seek your favorite radio stations. Enjoy social networking on Facebook and Flickr. Stage gives everything that you need.

Quick specs:

  • OS: Android™ 2.2 (Froyo); it has the over the air upgrade capacity.
  • Processor: Run at 1GHz; Dual Core; nVidia Tegra T20
  • Available on: T-Mobile
  • Cams: Front (1.3MP), Rear (5MP)
  • Main battery: This tablet laptop has the 2780 mAh battery

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