How You Can Easily Kill It With Membership Sites


If you really want to make the most money you possibly can you should seriously consider what direction you take your new website. Do you know exactly what it’s going to be about? Do you have tons of great information you want to share? If you answered yes to these questions then maybe a regular site isn’t the way to go.

Take a look at starting a membership site. It might seem daunting at first glance, but membership sites don’t need to be difficult to set up anymore. There are lots of great products you can buy that will give you an instant site, where you just need to fill in the content. Let’s take a look at a few great reasons you might want to consider a membership site.

Guaranteed money every month

Once someone joins up they are paying you money every month. Forget trying to get one payment. Membership sites work on automatic. Provided you keep your content new and interesting you have the possibility of people signing up for a long time.

The magic thing about recurring payments is the way it increases as the months progress. The second month you have your new customers plus the ones from the first month. The next month you have customers from the first three months. It goes on and on.

A big increase in traffic

If people are members of your site they will always come back. That means more traffic. If people are part of a membership program and you are delivering great stuff they will tell their friends. All you need is to set the ball in motion and before you know it you are killing it.

Send offers to your list

You aren’t just a normal website anymore where people come and read your content. People are already paying you money so they respect your authority. They will trust your recommendations if you send them out great offers. Obviously this trust shouldn’t be taken advantage of. It’s not nice and could blow up in your face.

Give customers special deals

You can use your customers to grow the business by offering them special customer-only deals. Offer them membership discounts for bringing in new members. This is a great way to add huge profits to your business. Keep them sweet with great gifts so they brag about you to their Internet friends.

Build a huge collection of content

Having a website usually means content gets lost in the wilderness. If it’s old there’s not much chance of someone seeing it. When you add content to a membership you can lay it out in a way the customer should follow it. This means they see it all. As you add new content you realize there is much more than you started with.

This automatically adds instant value to the membership price because the new members will get everything. Now you can try increasing the prices for new members and adding to your profits even more. Keep prices the same for loyal customers because they are the backbone of the business.

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