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In business, wasted potential is equivalent to wasted money. Successful business people understand this fact and do what it takes to better themselves for their company. One of the most popular ways to improve engineering skills today is to undergo Six Sigma training. These trainings have proved effective for companies around the globe. Certifications are awarded through a belt system, which is similar to karate. Becoming a Green or Black belt provides a person with the tools needed to better their quality of services and processes within their organization.

The Origin
The Six Sigma program was originated in 1986 by Bill Smith. Smith was a scientist and engineer for Motorola looking to form a better process to deal with defects throughout his company. In creating Six Sigma tools and strategies, Smith found a way to vastly improve the quality of the products produced by his business. The program immediately helped Motorola streamline their processes and eliminate the mistakes that were costing them huge amounts of money. Like any good business idea, the model was copied throughout the corporate community to sure up practices and resolve internal issues.

The main thing a person or a business should take away from Six Sigma is that the Six Sigma process is achieved when the products manufactured by a company are more than 99.99 percent defect free. In other words, companies that demand perfection will have their experts undergo the necessary training to understand what it takes to reach these standards.
The Training
The best part about Six Sigma training is that the process can be completed in a timely manner. Anyone with significant experience in business operations can go through a step-by-step program that will advance their careers. Reputable programs will include a workshop where an expert instructor outlines the process and gives their peers the tools they need to complete the process. The next step will often put the responsibility in the hands of the individual taking the class. This is convenient, because any work done at home can be done on their schedule. Whenever a professional has free time, they can study their materials and complete the online homework. Finally, a number of projects will need to be completed that grant a person the belt they aspired to receive.

The Value
In the end, it’s all about lowering the quantity of defects in the manufacturing process. Similarly, undergoing Six Sigma training can help a trained engineer broaden their knowledge base and reduce the likelihood of personal mistakes. While most major companies will encourage their experts to undergo the training, individuals looking to advance their careers can also seek out the training independently. Either way, the history of the results proves that earning a Green or Black belt in Six Sigma is an accomplishment worth every penny.

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