How Businesses Can Get Their Email Delivered To The Intended Recipients


Email Delivery

Getting email delivered to the right users is an important concern for businesses, but it is also problematic due to the proliferation of spam. Businesses can help distinguish their email from spam messages by using the right email hosting service, managing their recipients, and not sending out messages that look like spam.
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Here are some tips on how businesses can increase email deliverability:

Choosing the Right Service Provider

Choosing to use a reputable service provider’s email hosting service can do a great deal to help the business’s email delivery efforts. In contrast, choosing a disreputable service provider can see the business’s email labeled spam messages on the grounds of association alone. Reputable service providers are trusted by Internet service providers, which means that they have the connections needed to help out their users in case those users get labeled as spammers. On the other hand, businesses that use servers hosting known spammers is going to bias Internet service providers against them. Most email hosting services also come with tools that businesses can use to track email deliverability. There tools enable their users to monitor the changes to their email delivery metrics due to their decisions and then make further changes based on those observations. Similarly, most email hosting services also come with tools that can be used to automate some of the processes such as recipient management that businesses should have in place to increase email deliverability.

Recipient Management

Businesses need to take an active role in managing their lists of recipients if they want to increase email deliverability. The first thing that businesses should do when an email address is signed up for one of their mailing lists is to send out a confirmation email. In its simplest form, said email should contain an unique link that the recipient can click to confirm that he or she is indeed the one who signed up for the mailing list. Doing this helps to ensure that recipients don’t become frustrated by a succession of unwanted messages. Similarly, businesses should also continue to monitor their lists of recipients over time. If their email deliverability metrics are suffering because the emails sent to specific email addresses are bouncing more often than not, then businesses should remove those email addresses from their mailing lists.

How to Get Past Spam Filters

Getting past spam filters is simple. In short, businesses should avoid using similar styles, including similar content, or having one of the other factors common among spam messages. Examples of things that businesses can do to avoid getting their emails caught by spam filters include filling in the subject line using phrases related to the message’s content and using one of the standard fonts in a normal color. Similarly, businesses should also avoid the excessive usage of unusual symbols and stick to standard capitalization rules. Businesses should also try to avoid including keywords and phrases such as ‘free’ and ‘erectile dysfunction’ that are common to spam messages. This isn’t always possible, but businesses should reduce their usage as much as possible because messages that look like spam end up getting blocked as spam.

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