The Making of a Super Bowl Commercial


Super Bowl Sunday is not only a huge day in the world of football, but the same can be said of its impact on the advertising world. With so much hype around both the game and the commercials, showcasing the best of one’s talents takes preparation. This requires a lot of work and effort leading up to the big game.

The first step to making a successful Super Bowl commercial is ensuring your product is beneficial to the targeted audience that watches the Super Bowl. Some of the products that are going to be for this targeted audience are going to be beer, snacks, and fast food restaurants. Other commercials that can find success on this important advertising day are car insurance and high tech companies. Bob Parsons and his internet domain registrar company, Go Daddy, is one example of a tech company that hit it big with an advertising hit on Super Bowl Sunday.

A great ad idea often comes from thinking out of the box. This is probably going to be the most important part of the whole process of making the Super Bowl commercial. This is because you are going to want the people who are watching the Super Bowl commercials to be interested in the product that you are selling. An off the wall or abstract idea, especially if it is funny, can often be the talk around the water cooler Monday morning.

Celebrities have been appearing in Super Bowl commercials for years. This frequent use of stars has proven to be a successful model for companies looking to make a splash during the big game. This is one of the best ways that you are going to be able to get people talking about your commercial. The celebrity appearance can be more beneficial than a great tagline, amazing visuals, or explosive products. Not only do celebrities appear in these ads, but sometimes the ads create celebrities or characters. Bob Parsons created the idea of the Go Daddy Girl in his Super Bowl ad, which helped lead his company to the top of their industry. Celebrities create publicity, and that helps you sell more products.

Make sure that you have a set budget for your commercial. Within this budget, you are going to need to include the huge costs that are going to be involved in airing the commercial during the game. Super Bowl ads are very expensive even though most only last 30 seconds. In addition, the production of a Super Bowl commercial is going to cost a lot of money. Therefore, everything that is involved in the production of the commercial is going to need to be perfect so that budget is not exceeded.

Testing your commercial is an important step in the makings of a Super Bowl commercial. This means that you are going to need to find a test audience to see how the audience is going to react to the ad. This allows you to get a general sense of how a larger audience will react. From here, you can take your test audiences’ input and use it to tweak your ad in ways that improve it. One test group won’t suffice, so think about putting several groups of people together. This variety of opinions will give you a balanced critique of where you stand at this juncture.

Much like any other piece of content, commercials need to tell a story. The better story you tell, the more people will want to talk about it with others. This generates excitement for your product or services. Therefore, if you have a controversial commercial, then you are probably going to be able to get the attention of the media so you are going to get some free publicity from several different media outlets. Stories that are heartfelt or have a twist are often the most popular commercials at the end fo the game.

With the advent and explosion of the internet, it’s often tough to keep your commercial from “leaking” prior to the game. Due to this, companies may want to play the commercial themselves online. This is going to help the commercial to become more like an event instead of just an advertisement.

The final, and most important step in making a Super Bowl commercial is to make sure that you have a good product. If you are selling a subpar product, no matter how interesting your commercial is, it will be tough to have sales success. On, the contrary if you produce an interesting commercial and have a product that adds value to people’s lives, this is going to ensure that they will fly off the shelves. This is especially true if you have already are an established name in the industry.

As football season is now in full swing, one can be sure that companies are working hard to produce the commercials that make it hard to get off the couch for fear of missing the next great Super Bowl Ad.

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