3 Very High-Tech Beds


TV Ottoman Bed


Watching TV in bed and be able to pretend not to in one click – one push? You can now make it happen if you decide to get rid of your 10 year old bed frame and finally replace it with something a bit more fun and high-tech such as a TV-bed.

No jokes here, a TV bed is literally a bed, preferably luxuriously upholstered in faux leather, which houses a 32 inch flat panel TV inside the foot end of the bed.
The TV is stored in the base of the bed and can be lowered or raised from its housing simply with the push of a button that makes the gas operated lift work its magic.
In order to optimize the bedroom space, the TV ottoman bed has a storage compartment underneath the mattress in order to hide all that is TV related, such as DVDs, DVD player, console or anything you would like store.

Ipod Docking Bed


Listening to music while you are snoozing in bed? Nothing new here but what if your bed features two speakers on both sides of the bed and a subwoofer with integrated bass and volume control, aux, mp3 and USB plugin as well as an iPod dock?

An iPod docking bed could also be an awesome investment if you are the kind of person having difficulties getting out of the bed in the morning. Just attach your phone alarm to the bed and set your favourite song to full volume for your alarm.

Computer and game system bed


Even if the mattress is very comfortable and welcoming, this bed was definitely not built for promoting sleep. The HiCan bed is a tech-heavy model that comes with a theatre screen you can pull down at the foot of the bed in order to watch movies, as well as an integrated PC for you to get some work done before bedtime.

We forgot to mention that the HiCan was designed with integrated game consoles to entertain you in case you can’t fall asleep.

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