The Top 5 Andriod Applications for the Geeks


For those who haven’t learnt yet, Android is an operating system for Smart Phones, tablets as well as net books known as the most used OS for mobile devices. Having more than 12 million lines code, this OS integrates XML, Java, C, C++ languages outrunning Blackberry’s OS. The most impressive result was reflected by many developers’ interest in producing the bets Android applications for Android phone.

Following You Will Find The Best Apps Ever For The Android Type Of Phone:

#1. Phone Halo Protect Application – it keeps track of your mobile, protects it helping you as well to recover the lost data. There is a Bluetooth device through which it can operate while your mobile is lost. Through a GPS system the stuff can always be traced. The most important features of this Android application is Protect, Locate and Recover. If you want to have this one installed on your device you should purchase it from the official website.

#2. Titanium Backup – is a high end back up instrument for all your data, apps, market links allowing your device to have a second life, if the case. You can find this app in both versions: paid and for free. With the paid one you will have the benefits of more reliable restore options and faster experience. The costs are of $6, which are quite cheap, but for more information you should visit their official website.

#3.Nimbuzz for Android phone – is a free IM client enabling Chat option with people from Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Facebook, Skype, MySpace, AIM and others. You are given the chance to see the status of your friends (check who is online to initiate chat messages with), see their avatars, different notifications and a lot of others more whenever the background is active.

This application is put at your disposal for free giving the feeling of owning a mini laptop on your hand. In case you are a fan for web browsing, then this is the right tool for you. Check online for a free download.

#4.WordPress For Android phone – is an Open Source app allowing you to benefit from the power of WordPress inside your android device. Thus you will be able of writing new posts, to edit content managing the comments with built-in notices.  You’ll be able to update wordpress sites like Shirtzilla.

You can experience at maximum the advantages of WordPressblogg existing in your Android mobile. This application is also for free and it is available for downloading it right for the android’s website. This one counts as well as an application that you should have as long as it is ranked in the 5 places of the best Android apps.

#5. Ultimate FavsPro Application – this counts as the best out of all utility sections allowing you to organize with your Android phone plenty of things in a graphical manner. Having this app you will realize how easy is to organize the things through your phone seeing this as a great experience. It comes as a free Android app being downloadable also from the official website.

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