Having Your Website Appear Beyond The Top In SERP – Reason For Disappointment Or Matter Of Perspective?


Ask yourself – out of the loads of offers you receive from SEO companies out there, is there at least one that doesn’t promise you to skyrocket to top 10 (top 3, top 5) position in the niche? Most of them, if not all, do. Moreover – not only they promise, they guarantee the results, quite often within unreasonably short period of time.

Well, having the belief is great, yet such promises are unlikely to come true in 90% of cases, simple logic demolishes such assumptions. Do you really believe that giants like Google, Yahoo or Bing will let you in the top, after you have invested a large amount of cash and signed up with one of thousands of SEO services?

Before answering think of this:

a) it’s no auction

b) some sites have been occupying top for over a decade

c) even if you get to the first page of SERP only in your region – are you ready to handle a tremendous amount of requests to your site or service?

So, while your website is still somewhere between 5th and 10th page in search results, I suggest to look at situation from different angle:

Quick example- One of the best social sharing and bookmarking tools, which is installed at thousands of websites and blogs and gets more and more downloads daily is very distant from top by “social buttons” and similar keywords. Meanwhile, it has already received praise from an established website like and has been featured as “Script of the day”.  Consequently, being at the top does not exactly mean quality or expertise. Most web surfers are aware on this and don’t rely solely on sites’ SERP position.

How long has your website been on the web? It’s an important parameter that determines its’ position in search results. If it has been around for less than a year – don’t rush it. Let me draw an analogy – you’d never expect a toddler to learn several languages or grow 6 feet tall by his 1st birthday, right? Same is true for the website – it is important to invest time and money in usability and content so that your visibility on search engines will grow “naturally”.

Do not underestimate internet users – the ones looking for a better deal or quality content are willing to go further than top 10 results to get what they really want, people are picky, so in many cases chances are they’d better make few extra clicks, rather than fall for the first thing they see. Of course, there’s a great potential in the field of social media and tools they offer for driving customers or visitors to your website.  There’s more to say: making reasonable investments into well-targeted contextual ads will bring you only interested visitors, not just random surfers.

Basically, all in all it comes down to being patient, but not passive and using the rational approach to your business.  So, what’s the use of worrying?

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