Online Casino Technology Facts You May Not Be Aware Of


The growth of the online casinos is so much more impressive than what many believe. It is so easy to have hundreds of hours of fun when enjoying the online casino games but most people do not really know that much about the vast intricacies behind the casinos. We have so many facts that you most likely do not know much about when talking about the online casinos. However, some are more surprising than others. We stuck with 4 that will most likely be a huge surprise for you.

Zynga – Casino Developer


Zynga is responsible for some of the best Facebook games ever developed, like Farmville or Words with Friends. However, the really popular Facebook game developer is now tackling the online casino gaming scene. They actually offer online casino game applications available for phones and for browsers. Brand new online casino technology is actually being developed right now by Big Fish Studios and Zynga. This might make online gambling a lot more fun since these game makers do have a different focus than the regular casino developer.

Online Casinos Now Accept Bitcoin

Most of the online casinos these days do all that they can in order to offer various deposit and withdrawal methods for the players. Many already know of the possibility of adding funds in most of the online casinos through Neteller but did you know that many big casinos actually think about adding Bitcoin wallets to the mix. In many cases this would be available through systems like Coin Payments. We also have many online casinos that only work with bitcoin right now. Those that want a complete anonymous experience will always want to use opportunities like crypto currency. However, this can bring in some security problems. The technology is still developed but in the near future we should see most of the online casinos working with bitcoin.

Loss Prevention Techniques

Online casino cheating does exist. This is what many will tell you that it is correct but few think that this is the case. In most of the online casinos there is a huge focus that is put on what is even now used in brick and mortar casinos. We are talking about analysing all the games that are played at one point in time in order to identify those that try to cheat. While it is really hard to cheat when playing games like online poker, this does not mean it is impossible. Online casinos now use advanced technology in order to record, index and monitor information. Members that are caught cheating are removed. This offers a really true gambling experience, one that is correct.

Randomizing Gambling Results

Some believe that because the casino games are played online, it is the casinos that cheat. That is incorrect. When licenses are offered, a huge focus is put on guaranteeing a fair and correct gambling experience for all the players. Special advanced RNG technology is going to guarantee this. All the combinations are going to be completely random. Online gambling is nowadays fair because of the use of RNG technology.

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