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These days most everyone has a smartphone and most people rely on the pretty heavily. One of the biggest advantages of smartphones is the ability to see a map and plot you destinations point by point. Some can even call them out to you in a voice. There are so many good apps out for drivers it can be overwhelming. Here are some good ones.

First of all, the Android phone already has three great functions built into it: Maps, Navigation and Car Mode.  Granted if you have your hands on the steering wheel maps can be a little tricky to use but the maps are very accurate and can help you out in a pinch. You can also use to search for local businesses and locations. So if you get a hankering for Chinese food you can search for the nearest locations. One nice thing about maps is that you can “star” a location on your work computer or desk top and it will sync to maps on your phone.  Navigation is great is because it works like an entire turn-by-turn GPS system.  Car mode is nice because it activates Voice Actions which lets you keep your hands on the wheel.  Okay now for some apps.

This is a pretty fun and inventive maps and navigation app. Don’t you already have that with Google apps? Yes, but this takes it to a whole new level. Wave automatically receives updates from other Waze users for up-to-date information. Give and receive updates about speed traps, traffic, debris in the road, point out free parking or anything else you can think off. It also has a fun built in game where you can compete with other users to “pick” up power ups by driving over locations.

Ever have to walk a long ways across a stadium or theme park? Ever forget where you park? This nifty little program lets you tag your parking spot via GPS and marks it on a map. Now go have fun for the day and when you are ready to return pull up your map and it will lead you to your car. Not only that but it pulls up paid and free parking from the web and even lets you set a timer for meters.

Ever be low on gas and rushing desperately around looking for a gas station? Well, no more! With GasBuddy you can automatically pull up gas stations in your area. You can also plan a trip and locate stations along your route.  If only it had prices listed.

There are plenty of other apps out there for cars. Some lists mechanics, some locate other cars of your make and model and some will locate used car dealerships. What ones you think you need is up to you but just no whatever you want, there is an app for that.

Jeff Jordan lives and writes in Southen California. He writes about social media, seo and marketing. Jazel Auto is also a great way of promoting your auto dealership.

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