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6 Tips On Using Pinterest To Increase Traffic To Your Website


Pinterest is the latest “in” thing in the glitzy world of social media. In fact it is the fastest stand alone site that registered 10 million unique visitors in a single month. There was a recent study conducted that revealed that Pinterest has helped bloggers and website owners fetch more traffic for their blog blog or website than Linkedin, Google + and Youtube put together. Thus PInterest is already helping brands to generate more traffic, leads and eventually sales.

So if you too wish to capitalize upon the fast growing opportunities provided by Pinterest, we run you through 6 easy and pragmatic tips that will help you do so.

6 Tips On Using Pinterest To Increase Traffic To Your Website

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#1: Upload lot of Original Pictures to Drive in More Traffic:

Uploading unique and brand new images is sure shot way of getting noticed on Pinterest. If you will visit the popular section of Pinterest, you would see the most popular of all the images, the images which are actively being repined, liked and commented.

If you wish to check out the images that ware being repined, visit –

Always study the images being uploaded in your niche market first, the kind of images which are being liked and than capitalize upon the fast prevailing opportunity by uploading similar but new images.

#2: Pin the Content of Others to Increase your Own Following:

Pinterest is a social platform, and hence other than just uploading your own brand’s pictures, you should also be social and share what other people upload as well. Thus explore the content posted by others in your own field and pin them to your board.

Ensure that you stick to a particular topic for a particular pinboard (set of pins). Besides, if there is any problem with pin boards etc, you can simply get your query sorted at Pinterest Help Center.

#3: Boost up the Sales by Creating Catalogs

Pinterest gives you the liberty to add prices to the images. Thus you can simply upload whatever product you have to offer, add the price after typing in the “$” sign, and you might just end up increasing the sales to a larger extent.

By displaying the prices, you invite the most dedicated traffic to your website, such people who has real intentions of buying it, since they already know how the product looks like and what does it really costs.

#4: Tickle their Competitive Spirit:

Organizing photography competitions is another sure shot way of attracting the masses. You can ask them to create an original pin board on a theme inspired by your new product range or any of your company’s policies etc.

Announce the prices for the winners and who will judge the images, and you might just drastically increase the traffic to your website.

#5: Urge your Fans to Spread the Word:

Others can also contribute towards your pinboard. The pinboard created by you need not only contain your own pins, but even other people can pin pictures onto your pinboards.

If you use this features, and encourage others to contribute in your pinboards, you actually become popular with the masses on pinterest, and also get a way to keep your pinterest account updated with lots of new images.

Contributions are made using “+ Contributions” tag.

#6: Pin Your Latest Offers

Lastly you can pin about your latest offers by creating a unqiue image and using it on your pinboard. The image can be specifically created for the pinterest page, or can be pinned from the website itself. Thus you will end up creating a buzz in the audience and eventually will attract more unique visitors to your website.

These were the 6 ways to attract visitors on pinterest. Rest by social and chatty and explore the platform and come up with new and exciting ideas. Go explore!

Author’s Bio: Aslam Khan the Author & Co-founder of Geeky Edge which is widely acknowledged as one of those with the keenest understanding of trends in Technology News, Latest Gadget Release, Gadget Reviews, Social Media News, Apps & software. Google+

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