How Payment Applications Are Changing the World


Technology is continually evolving, and new apps being released every week, it’s easy to overlook how they’re changing the world. Yet, each day your life is slowly being simplified and made more comfortable thanks to all these advances.

Virtual Cards

While not a direct form of payment, there are many virtual wallets that hold all your card information and can display it whenever you check out at a shop. Most of these work only for loyalty programs that scan barcodes. However, some apps such as Cards – Mobile Wallet can send banking card information using NFC technology.

In a world where wallets are already becoming cash-free, these apps are eliminating the need for using a wallet or carrying cards in your pocket. You have more space, and there’s no need to ever carry a physical loyalty or bank card again.

Online Purchasing

Applications such as PayPal have made using online stores a breeze. It’s safer, quicker, and can be used to send or receive money by anyone. The application has made being an entrepreneur more accessible, especially when providing goods or services across the globe.

PayPal can also be used to store your money, although you won’t receive any interest in doing so. The service inspired almost all other payment applications that have sprung forth in recent years. As such, it is the most widely supported payment application.

Online Banking

Banks have embraced the internet, developing applications and websites that almost entirely replace the need for visiting a bank at all. Depending on the bank you use, you can perform various tasks. This includes sending and receiving payments, changing your card pins, and reading any messages received about money movement within your accounts.

Gone are the days of visiting an ATM just to see what your balance is. The creation of banking apps has removed the need for long lines and has provided everyone with more free time now that they aren’t standing in a queue.


While it may sound surprising, there is an app that makes visiting your laundromat faster and paying them a less grueling task. All you need to do is visit a laundromat that uses the service, load the app on your phone, and scan the machine’s QR code to pay.

You’ll be relieved to know that payment information is stored on your phone, making the process fast, simple, and elegant.

If you own a laundromat, then this is an even more significant life improvement for you. Shinepay has a short connection process that can be done with ease. Once it’s installed, you can monitor when you need to collect coins from machines by viewing how much is deposited in them already. So why don’t you check it out?


The internet has given the world access to almost any knowledge. However, having applications such as YouTube and Audible has made it easier than ever to learn a new skill or listen to a book while working.

This gives you and everyone else a better chance of enjoying all that life has to offer while watching hilarious cat videos.

For the Better?

The applications on your phone are definitely changing the world one person at a time. Life is made more accessible by the conveniences provided, but you’ll have to decide if there’s a cost to it all.

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