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Recent reports suggest that Windows & Mac are the highly targeted operating system by privacy invaders and hackers. Cybercrime numbers are increased in recent years because of the freedom of the Internet and new methodologies. Millions of common citizens are connecting to the World Wide Web, and that’s encouraging smart invaders to penetrate gullible consumers.

What is Bitdefender & why do you need it?

Bitdefender is an antivirus security program for Windows that is designed to protect the average consumers from advanced exploits and threats online. Bitdefender is a Romanian based digital security company that has dedicated engineers working on improvising the system for modern threats. Unfortunately, Windows Defender is not enough to protect the consumers from threats. They have sufficient security layers, and real-time monitoring systems to keep average consumers safe from privacy invasion & threats.

Real-time Protection

The best antivirus for Windows does not let any unknown file slip away from Bitdefender’s eyes. The real-time protection keeps all shields turned on, while the Windows PC is being used by the administrator. The security program keeps real-time shields turned on throughout the session, and does not let any unauthorized files, actions, or change occur without your consent.


In my frank opinion, I consider performance a major factor because I don’t want a slow performing computer. Running multiple programs in the background requires plenty of CPU + RAM resources and that can slow down the performance of the machine. This security software only consumes 400 MB RAM in a total of 1% or 2% CPU usage for real-time protection.

I have conducted a couple of tests in my (1.8 GHz processor + 4GB RAM) low-end machine, and I didn’t experience performance decline by the antivirus system. However, I do recommend that Windows PC administrators maintain decent hardware for a smoother experience.

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection

The newly chaotic malware called “Ransomware” affected millions of corporate people’s Windows machines. Unfortunately, the business people had no other options but to pay up for the sum of the demanded amount to release the personal data.

Plenty of sources informed the world that the estimated cost of damages by Ransomware will reach above $10+ billion USD by the end of 2020. Bitdefender added multi-layer Ransomeware protection to protect your computer, personal data, and the environment from getting compromised.

Do not take Ransomware lightly because it is one of the infamous words in the corporate world. Remember, Ransomware protection increased in companies, and digital invaders are no longer entertained. The digital invaders will begin attacking average citizens because they are the most vulnerable.

Stop Threats Like?

The Romanian digital security software designed to detect all forms of Virus, Malware, Spyware, Adware, etc. In short, paying customers don’t have to invest a single penny in other solutions. I mean, I don’t have to spend money on other protection solutions such as Malwarebytes because I got covered by this security app. I always appreciated browser extensions that block suspicious websites, pop-ups, and dangerous portals.

Inbuilt VPN

Virtual Private Network is a powerful technology for maintaining internet freedom and browsing anonymously. The Antivirus Plus 2020 package has VPN included in it, and you get 200 MB of encrypted data every day. The VPN services are premium in nature, but they added 200 MB under the complimentary category.

Cross-platform Support

This company moves accordingly to the customer’s requirements and they understand the importance of Android and iOS roles in your life. The digital security program is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS running machine. The Antivirus Plus 2020 package offers 1 Device, 3 Devices, 5 Devices, and 10 Devices. You can select one package & increase the number of devices to protect the Computer, Laptop, Tablet, and Phone.

Dedicated Browser for Banking

One of my clients told me that privacy is a myth and that’s why this company added a dedicated browser for online banking. Nobody knows when your personal & sensitive data is being recorded and browsers play a huge role in it. The Romanian security company added a dedicated browser that specifically designed for online banking and making transactions.

Bottom Line

Bitdefender is awarded the best Antivirus for Windows 10/8 computers. I want to remind the readers that there are three products available for them, 1) Antivirus Plus 2020, 2) Internet Security 2020, and 3) Total Security 2020. Let us know what do you think about this security software in the comment section below.

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