4 Simple Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


4 Simple Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Video Marketing is the latest and effective tool to promote your business and products. It has become increasingly popular over the internet marketing arena and is now threatening to overtake article marketing or any written copy on the net. Through Videos, your business can get lots of exposure and also help to increase traffic and reach your target audience.

Introduction to Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is a technique which is used to promote any business, product or services by making short videos. These videos should be very informational, attractive and educational, and also highlighting the related item for targeted market. It is one of the best marketing tools in the online world.

There are some marketing mistakes to avoid that you should keep in your mind:

1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing – If you are thinking that stuffing keywords to your video tags will get you lot of traffic and will make it extremely popular then you are absolutely mistaken. It totally depends on the content quality of your video and the amount of value you provide to your readers. Add highly relevant keywords that are less competitive but have high searches. Avoid adding too many keywords, just few are sufficient. Remember one thing, videos don’t gain popularity by just adding too many keywords, it depends on the quality of your content, if your content is bad then your video would not get any popularity no matter how many keywords you have added.

2. Make short and informative Videos –A very common video marketing mistake is creating long videos. The short videos that come to the point quickly are the best. If you are making a long video then people might lose interest. So try to make short, informative and interesting videos. If you have a lot of content then break it into parts and upload them through multiple videos.

3. Keep updating your video marketing content by adding new videos –Relying only to the old videos and promoting them again and again is a big mistake. Don’t forget to make new videos for promotion. Don’t stick to the old videos all the time, either recycle the old videos or make some new videos and upload them in order to show your readers that you are still active.

4. Avoid setting “my video will go viral” as your main goal –Everyone wants that their videos will go viral, but it’s a big mistake to set it as your main goal. Videos go viral if your visitors like your content and will give it value. So your main goal should be to provide valuable and quality content to your readers.

In brief, pay more attention to thecontent quality of your video. Do everything possible to make your video more valuable. Short,Informative, qualitative and properly edited videos get more visitors and eyeballs.

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