Applications for Stainless Steel Bar Code Labels


Maybe you’ve heard about the value of bar code labels for asset tracking and inventory purposes. But what if you need something sturdier and more durable for your industry? Stainless steel bar code labels and ID tags are designed to withstand caustic environments and weather hazards that paper-based labels can’t tolerate. There are a variety of applications in which stainless steel bar code labels are ideal.

Applications for Stainless Steel Bar Code Labels

Food Processing

Food processing environments expose labels to a variety of compounds and hazards that make typical bar code labels impractical. In the food processing environment, equipment is subject to frequent cleaning for proper sanitation. You need a durable bar code label capable of withstanding repeated exposure to solvents and chemicals used in these environments. Camcode stainless steel tags provide proper resistance to this exposure and typically last the life of your assets.

Medical Applications

In the medical field, valuable assets are transported and utilized in a multitude of situations. It makes sense to label these valuable assets with a bar code label that will remain readable even after repeated exposure to harsh cleaners and other caustic environments that could destroy less durable labels. Often, these assets must be tracked and monitored precisely, as well as maintained properly to retain functional use. Stainless steel bar code labels provide the durability and lifelong readability the medical industry demands.

Laboratory Environments

Laboratory environments frequently expose assets to a wide range of abrasives and chemicals, in addition to cleaners that must be utilized between uses to avoid the unintentional and potentially dangerous cross-exposure between chemicals and other compounds. Stainless steel asset tags have the durability required to withstand these harsh environments.

Industrial and Marine Applications

Stainless steel bar code labels are also ideal for industrial and marine applications. If your company has assets that are frequently exposed to harsh sea salt spray, stainless steel bar code labels are also durable enough to withstand this exposure.

If your industry requires a durable bar code label, stainless steel ID tags provide resistance to:

  • Harsh chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Caustics
  • Salt
  • Extreme heat (to varying temperatures, depending on materials)

Investing hundreds to thousands of dollars in a bar code labeling solution that doesn’t offer the durability you require means you’ll be re-investing those dollars in label replacements long before the useable life of your assets expire. Durable, stainless steel bar code labels are capable of withstanding the harsh conditions assets in modern industries are commonly exposed to—meaning you’ll get more value from your initial investment and can spend more of your company’s financial resources in other areas.

Whether you work an industrial setting, manufacturing, food processing, laboratory or a medical or marine environment, stainless steel asset tags come in several options to meet your organization’s specific needs.  Making smart decisions when it comes to asset tracking will not only save you the money you might otherwise spend re-labeling your assets, but will also give you the ability to accurately track and monitor maintenance and repair records that contribute to your company’s bottom line.

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