Setting Up a Home Office Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune


If you have made the bold move of starting to work from home then you might be worried about the cost of setting up your home office. Thankfully, there are some tips for doing this on a modest budget.

Use What You Already Own

Before you get out the credit card the first thing you should do is check what you already own. You might have an old PC which does the job or a table which you could use instead of buying one. This is especially important if you are doing the home working on a short term basis or you aren’t sure how it is going to work out for you. A few minutes of thinking about what you have to hand could save you a lot of expense. You could always upgrade the equipment and furniture later on if everything works out well.


Don’t Go for Unnecessary Luxury of Power

A big mistake a lot of home workers make is to spend money on making it a great room. This isn’t normally necessary unless you are going to have guests or customers visiting you there often. If this isn’t the case then you simply need somewhere comfortable and pleasant to work in. The same goes for the power of your machinery. If all you are going to be doing is connecting to the internet or typing up word documents then you don’t need to pay a huge amount of money for a PC which will give you more power than you need.

Get Second Hand Stuff

This point is especially relevant for the office furniture you are going to use. New office chairs and table can be really expensive, while second hand ones often offer the same of comfort at a much lower price.

Choose the Right Printer

One of the unexpected expenses you might not budget for it that associated with the printing you do. For example, if you do a lot of printing then you will need to buy paper and toner on a reasonably regular basis. The first step, therefore, is to choose a printer which is efficient. You then need to look after your printing resources and not print off every single thing you come across without thinking about it. You can also look at refilled toner cartridges from websites such as and buying paper in bulk from your local cash and carry, to keep costs down further.

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