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The past decade has seen a technological revolution unlike any other period of history. Information, music, and communication are all being handled in a more accessible, rapid-paced, and convenient way than ever before. A good portion of that success is due to the explosion of cell phone and e-reader technology. There has been such a breakthrough in this field that the prices have become very affordable, and now the question is – how do you accessorize these tools to make them more functional and fashionable?


After finding the basics (case, screen protector), it’s time to make your kindle even more efficient with accessories. The first thing to get is a car charger, because kindles are always on-the-go, and it’ll save you the frustration of having to go home to finish that riveting chapter. Another excellent accessory to make your kindle more accessible is a clip-on LED light. The kindle was designed to have backlighting similar to that of daylight. This small addition will make it that much easier at the end of the day, or during night time road trips, to keep reading.


The multimedia explosion available at our fingertips has spoiled us all. One of the great joys available now is being able to watch streaming movies and digital content on the Ipad. Even better though is being able to share the experience with friends when you plug in your ipad via an A/V adaptor. These connectors allow you to connect to an HDTV so that you can share all your digital content right on the big screen.

Another great accessory is the credit card reader. Whether you do craft fairs or run a small shop of your own, you can attach this small device to your ipad and accept credit cards directly through it. Customers can sign on your ipad screen, and you are saved the space of a separate machine.


For starters, you need to have a reliable case for your phone. And why stop with durable, when you can also make it look fashionable? Gelaskins are a hot brand right now, with several different designs to choose from. They fit comfortably to your phone, allowing easy access to the screen, all the while distinguishing it from all the other phones at the party you’re at. And while you’re at the party, why not DJ with your iphone? Etsy offers the opportunity to get custom made, affordable speakers designed with patterns that will have all your friends jealous.

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