The Future Tech Of Your Home


The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to change the way we cook, clean and manage our homes forever. It’s been dubbed as the next big technological revolution, and the gadgets and appliances that we use everyday are evolving faster than we can imagine.

The Future Tech Of Your Home

Modern technology has advanced so much that we can now control almost anything in our homes from one easy and simple dashboard, either on a smartphone or tablet. Even through a smartwatch. The IoT connects everything, so all devices in your home can send/receive data and offer effective and efficient performance like never before.

Smart controls and intelligent devices are already being used today. But what can we expect in the near or distant future? What other home tech advancements can we expect within our lifetime?

The Future of Smart Homes

This interactive infographic shows us some of the fancy home tech that we can look forward to in the next 10, 20 and 30 years. Simply enter your age into the box provided and press enter to have a sneak peek at the amazing technology to come.

The Future Tech Of Your Home

According to the infographic, here are some of the things we can anticipate in the next few decades.

By 2020:

Smart windows – glass will become interactive and will eliminate the need for traditional curtains or blinds. They can darken or lighten from the touch of a button.

Social stoves – cookers and stovetops will become interactive too. Many are already touchscreen activated but in a few years’ time, they could be fully connected to the web with recipe access or even social media access.

By 2030:

Virtual GPs – a virtual GP could be installed in your bathroom, providing stats and data on your personal health. Minimising the need for booking regular check-ups and screening you for illness. Your toilet may be able to monitor your kidney functions and your mirror will become multi-functional, used both as a grooming aid and a digital touchscreen.

Intelligent bedrooms – the future of bed design will incorporate on-built technology to monitor your sleep. This includes thing such as your body temperature and your heart rate etc. in order to give you optimum sleep quality. Beds may even be able to change from soft to hard to suit your sleeping position.

By 2045:

Invisibility cloaks – have you ever wanted something to disappear? In just over 20 years’ time, you may be able to use invisibility in your home, zapping away anything that is cluttered or untidy.

3D food printers – food of the future will be printed, to any shape, colour, size to your heart’s desire. Imagine being able to pop into your kitchen to print a pizza or a batch of biscuits (no cooking or baking required).

By 2050:

Smart furniture – if you hate the hassle of redecorating, you probably won’t have to in 2050. Furniture, upholstery and fabrics could be fully interactive by then and will be able to change colours and patterns to suit your mood.

Robotic fish – BioTank’s robotic fish will be able clean your dishes, whilst generating biofuel. A greener way to clean up after dinner.

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