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The process of web hosting is an easy procedure. The major ones are registering a domain name, finding a web host, designing the website and uploading it. When the website is already up and running, then the client takes care of the SEO and social media. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of drawing traffic to the website by making it search engine friendly. Social media is marketing the website so people would visit it. The following are the main web hosting process or steps.

Register a Domain Name
When the website already has its own looks – design, pattern, etc – the first thing to do is to get a domain name, a “name” for the website. By doing so, it gives the website an internet address (IP) on the World Wide Web. The domain name is the usual website names that are known to people like, the label most users use to search a website. Domain names are pointers to IP addresses, the address that the computer recognizes. Instead of an IP address, people use domain names because they are easier to remember.

To register or buy a domain name, one needs an accredited registrar. On a registrar’s website, one can start registering the desired domain name and the guided process shall continue. All websites have their own IP address that looks like this – 123.456.78.9. The domain name system is capable of translating this number series into names. All domains are recorded in a central registry which InterNIC maintains. InterNIC is a subsidiary of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), an organization that certifies domain names. Domain names pass through the Domain Name Servers (DNS) for the filter. The DNS then links IP addresses to the names. Each web site usually has both primary and secondary DNS to increase reliability.

One can choose any domain name, just like choosing a name for a baby or a pet. However, the most effective domain name is one that is descriptive of the website’s nature. For example, if the website is about travel, its domain name can be Domain names should only be letters as well as numbers and hyphens. Characters other than these are not allowed. Its size is up to 70 characters; though making it short is simpler. They can either be in upper case, lower or combination of both such as is better than

Find a Website Host
After registering a domain name, the website owner’s next step is to find a web host. The web host maintains the website on his own computer systems. Once chosen, the web page shall then be uploaded to the internet through the web host’s server. The role of the server is similar to putting up a building on a vacant lot. Web hosting is the lot. The building is the webpage or website. Then the web host shall give the website owner or client the details needed to have the website up and running. This includes servers of the domain name, password to get into the account and directory paths where files shall be uploaded.

Upload the Web site
With the web host assigning an account to a website, then the latter is ready for upload. One of the common ways to do it is using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software. FTP allows the transfer of data among computers. With the FTP, one can then connect to the web server and upload the files of the website. It allows uploading of an entire directory or individual files.

Now, a website is of no use if no one can see it. SEO strategies shall then be applied to make the webpage search engine friendly. Once done, the website shall appear in the search result lists when one is searching for anything related to the website. SEO involves using keywords that would match a user’s search inputs. Putting the website at the top of search results gives it a good chance to be clicked and viewed.

Social Media
To draw attention to the website, the website owner must promote and market it through social media. Platforms include Twitter, Facebook and blogs. The website just needs to connect to the outside world.

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