Make some Spare Cash: Free Money-Earning Smartphone Apps


Make some Spare Cash- Free Money-Earning Smartphone Apps

The ability to download neat and handy apps is one of the major reasons why the smart phone industry is a booming business. But some of those apps don’t come cheap—and cell phone plans to own all those fancy high tech phones? They’re expensive as well. Fortunately, there are a few apps that can actually help you earn cash so you can pay off those hefty cell phone bills (or have some spare cash to purchase other tech toys and gadgets). To learn the top 4 free apps that can help you make and save money, continue reading below.

1. CheckPoints. This app, which is available for both iPhone and Android users, allows you to earn compensation simply by purchasing common items that you already need like toilet paper, tooth paste, and groceries. This is how it works: users are able to earn reward gift cards to restaurants, electronic stores, and even airlines by scanning bar codes of particular items that are the available/sold at pre-approved major grocery stores, department stores and pharmacies. Every time you scan an item from the app’s list, you earn points. You can even earn points simply by “checking-in” a location a la FourSquare.

2. Field Agent. In an effort to help promote businesses and help those seeking employment  to find “well-paying” jobs, this app requires users to complete certain (but rather simple ) tasks to earn money such as filling out surveys about businesses, writing reviews, and taking photos in front of a designated location. Note this app is only available for iPhone users.

3.  GigWalk. Similar to Field Agent, the GigWalk also require users to complete a series of tasks, however these tasks are to be completed in order to help consumers locate businesses through images and maps. That’s why users are typically required to complete tasks such as verifying street names and creating corporate maps. To make sure that the information is accurate and to verify that the user completed the task(s), photo and or video evidence documenting the user’s experience and or location is required in order to receive points. Like all the others, rewards are based on a point-system. This app is also only available for iPhone users.

4. WeReward. This app allows users to earn rewards only if they fulfill certain instructions given by particular businesses. For example, in order to earn points, a business may say “take a photo with your scoop of yogurt at Swirls.” The individual owners of Swirls will then see if you followed instructions correctly and will either reject or approve the user’s submission. If approved, the user will receive one point, which is equivalent to one penny. This app is available for both iPhone and Android users.


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