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You need to know the tactics of marketing online, if you are a freelance website designer or a graphic designer. If you are working for yourself, or you have a small business of your own, then market yourself on the social networking sites by yourself. It would be really easy for you to market yourself on a medium, which is extremely easy and fun doing.

Why choosing social media sites:

Reason No 1: Population

The part of the world population which lives above the poverty line can be found easily on these networking sites. That means you can find millions of your target audience in your direct links through social networking sites. For example, there are five hundred million active users of facebook currently.

Reason 2: Daily Interaction

All these social networking sites allow you to interact directly with the customers. More than half the population on these sites, log in daily to check. Well this is a big number. 2: 50 active users, according to facebook research, log on to their facebook accounts daily.

Reason 3: Interlinking

The interlinking between the users would allow you to reach a big amount of indirect audience as well. For example, if you share anything with your direct audience or friends on facebook, and they comment on it, it will be visible in front of the friends of your friend as well. This way the circle of share goes on increasing.

Following are some tips of marketing for the freelance website designers and graphic designers through FaceBook alone.

Tip No. 1: Creativity In Your Ads

Facebook has introduced its own platform for advertising. The best thing about advertising on facebook is that it’s targeted and it’s cheaper than the conventional one. If you buy space in the local newspaper or magazine, you might not reap the same profits, which facebook can yield you. Now the phase of mass- advertising has come to an end. However, the phase of de-mass-ification has emerged in the world market. Therefore, you need to target only the specific people only. For that there is no better place than facebook, since it gives the opportunity to set the target through location, status, profile information and more.

In addition to this, ads are more clicked, if they click the minds of people. If these ads are creative enough, they would tend the users to click the ads. Therefore, if you are a website designer or a graphic designer, create an attractive profile of yours with information about yourself and have your page clicked through a fan page.

Tip No. 2: Importance Of A Fan Page

A fan page helps you boost your business. Your profile is enough to cater your friends and family, but for your business you need a fan page. Facebook fan page allows you to use FBML customization on tabs. So, you can now design the tabs according to yourself now. You can apply all your designing skills here. You can even make welcome tab for your visitors. Keep the page updated so that visitors may not get bored.

Tip No. 3: Quality Content

You content decides the quality of your page. If you have the content static on your fan page, your visitors might get bored and they will stop visiting or referring your page. Keep the visitors updated on all issues like what are the projects that you are currently working on.

Keep the tips in mind and take your career to the level that you have always wished for!

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My name is Conroy James and I am a Professional Content Writer Working for More than 5 Year, Currently I am working in a Web Design Company as a Expert Content Writer. I have Expertise in Writing related Web Designer, Ecommerce Web Design, Website Redesigning, Custom Web Design and Social Media Content.

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