How To Email A Podcast Episode To A Friend From Your iPod Touch, iPhone Or iPad


In a world that increasingly depends on social networking, it’s always nice to be able to quickly and easily e-mail nearly any piece of content to whoever you want. For example, Apple’s iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices give users the ability to download and enjoy podcasts with just a few taps of a finger. Many people might not realize that you can also e-mail any podcast episode to a friend or family member just as easily. The ability to e-mail a podcast episode to a friend from your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad is built right into the device. No additional app downloads are necessary.

Step 1

Open the “Music” application and select the “Podcasts” button. Depending on your view preferences, you may have to select the “More” button to reveal options that can’t fit on the main part of the “Music” application’s window.

Also note that if you’ve installed the official “Podcasts” application from Apple, you will need to open that particular app instead of the native “Music” application. Once the “Podcasts” application is installed, you can only view and listen to “Podcasts” through that particular application.

Step 2

Select the podcast episode you want to e-mail to a friend. Tap one time on the album art for a particular podcast to view all the episodes that you’ve downloaded to your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad for that particular show. Tap on the episode you want to e-mail. The selected episode will immediately begin to play.

Step 3

Tap once on the “E-mail” button at the top of the screen, just below the “Forward,” “Reverse” and “Pause” buttons. The “E-mail” button looks identical to the one found when viewing things like images in other applications. A new blank e-mail template will appear on screen.

Step 4

Fill in the “Recipient” box with the e-mail address of the friend you’re sending the podcast episode to. When finished, tap inside the “Subject” line and use your device’s virtual keyboard to provide a subject.

Step 5

Fill out a message to the intended recipient, if you choose to do so. You might want to specify more information about the show in question, especially if your goal is to get them to listen to the episode and download additional ones.

When finished, tap “Send.” Your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad will send a link to the selected podcast episode to the friend you’ve specified. The e-mail template will close and you will be returned to either the “Music” application or the “Podcasts” application, depending on the specifics of your device. The podcast episode will continue to play until it either finishes or you choose to tell it to stop.

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Laura often emails podcast episodes to her friends from her Apple devices.  She does recommend running an internet speed test first however, especially if you find your podcasts are taking forever to send.

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