When You Want A Quickie With Your iPhone


When You Want a Quickie with Your iPhone

Does anyone outside of Apple really know how to use their iPhone to its max potential? What does max potential mean? With the creeping release of the new iPhone next month its probably time that you figure out how to use what you have before you need to learn some new tricks. Most folks accidentally discover bells and whistles when they slip and paw at their iPhones trying to stop a fall. But what if you could just learn a few more functions or maybe fully understand the versatility of those functions that you are aware of but don’t really understand.

Once you get passed pissed at Siri and either disable her and never invoke her name ever again, you can move onto other worthier perks. The following quickie short cuts should bring you and your iPhone closer until you replace it for the newer larger model next month.

Slide Shows
Did you know you have access to a slide show feature? You can tap into that by hitting the picture frame icon or the picture icon to quickly get to the photo library. Hit the arrow key to select which images and to move on to start your show.

You can easily mute your iPhone by hitting the same button feature that normally enables you to lock your iPhone into portrait or landscape. You can adjust this in your default settings of course in case you want to alter this functionality. You can also double tap home or do the four finger thingy to bring up your volume and brightness controls.

While you can easily take screenshots when you’re on your laptop or desktop, did you know you can easily do this from your iPhone? Just press the home button and the on/off button at the same time. Your phone will look like it did something wonky but fear not it just took a screenshot thats now in your photo library waiting for your peruse.

Going faster
Ever wanted to go faster between apps? Well here’s how – hit the home button twice and up pops a selection of apps that you can spin through by spinning right to left.

Searching for easier ways to find your apps? Swipe your home screen left to right and you will get a search window and field where you can easily type in what you are looking for whether it be apps, emails, text and your social calendar.

The iPhone camera is extremely sophisticated. And its only one of the reasons these phones get stolen so often.A nice security feature capability that your iPhone has, is the ability for you to take a picture without unlocking your phone. So if you are passing your phone over to snooopie grandma or a complete stranger, neither of them will be able to finger through your pictures.  As you can easily have them take a picture while your phone is locked by pressing the phone’s (+) button which acts as a shutter releases button.

All of these quickie tips will have you using your old iPhone to its max possibility in no time.

Julee While is a writer and crafter of dream prose on tech and gadget topics. In her spare time between unicorn milking she writes for Consumer Priority Service, a company that provides extended service plans to retailers.

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