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Are you interested in learning how to play the guitar, but can’t seem to get the funds or the time to get some lessons? Well if you are then the next best thing you should consider should probably be guitar lesson software. Learning to play a guitar like a professional often take years, and many of the lessons you take will have to be repeated over and over, until you achieve total prowess as a guitarist. This can be very expensive and tedious to do. But with a guitar lesson software, you can learn to play the guitar from the convenience of your computer, and with the freedom to decide when and how to take your lessons. Guitar method is one such software that can deliver a host of guitar lessons and features, at a reasonable cost.

Guitar method is designed to be highly interactive and comprehensive software, for learning how to play a guitar. You get over 180 lessons that cover everything from holding a guitar, playing chords, stringing and tuning a guitar, finger picking, etc. Most people would complain that learning from computer software, doesn’t offer the same one on one experience you would with a real teacher. Well the developers took this factor in mind, so you get a feature that provides you instant feedback on guitar playing skills. This achieved through a microphone connected to your computer and your guitar, so as you play the software you let you know if you have been able to hit all the notes, displayed on your computer screen. Once you have learned all your lessons, Guitar Method will provide you with a quiz to test your knowledge and playing skills.
To make you fully conversant with a variety of guitar playing styles, Guitar Method is packed with over 50 high quality videos and plenty of audio material (over 3 hours long) with an on screen instructor Kerry Garry PhD. So if you complete your tutorial, you should be able to play a variety of musical genres, such as Blues, Country, Rock, etc. Guitar Method has a feature known as variable speed midi, which allows you to slow down the music to any tempo, and an animated Fretboard shows you fingering as you play the music. This animated Fretboard has options to teach both right handed and left handed guitar players. You also get an automatic tuner, which works by connecting your guitar to your computer and have it display a visual read as you tune your guitar. You also get a digital recorder that allows you save your recording and play them back later.

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