Intelliverse Gets It Right with Appointment Setting


Intelliverse is an appointment setting provider that ensures that businesses that sell products or services to other businesses can better utilize their sales force. Intelliverse provides well designed services that include filtering of potential customers, cold calls, prospect assessment, and appointment fixing. Moreover, Intelliverse takes into account all the sales needs of the customer and ensures that the current sales targets can be met.

Intelliverse Gets It Right with Appointment Setting

Coming Through Every Time

Toward this the company provides each customer with complete details of call logs, call recordings, and leads contacted. The full visibility regarding the proceeds that lead to an appointment setting as well as the scheduled monthly and weekly meetings with your company ensures that the appointments are fixed with the needs of your sales team in mind.

Your Needs Matter

EachIntelliverse’s appointment setting team is dedicated to a particular client. The entire staff is based in the U.S. and is trained to provide information about your company and products in a professional manner. Moreover, the continual interaction between Intelliverse and your sales team ensures that there is a better match between the appointments fixed and the current goals of your sales team.

This system has been put in place by the company to ensure that your sales team can effectively use their persuasive skills to close sales instead of spending time generating leads, verifying the potential customer, running down the key purchasing authority, and obtaining appointments. Instead, the sales executive can spend their time making their pitch to a person with the need and the authority to purchase the products being sold.

Intelliverse’s appointment setting team can offer the time zone coverage you need. This is useful when you need to contact potential customers in other time zones. By making the cold calls when the concerned official is in the office and ready to deal with business calls you are more likely to obtain an appointment.

Moreover, even though each Intelliverse operative has at least two years’ experience in the field they are supported by account management, training, and quality analysis teams. This continual internal monitoring of the staff as well as the interaction with clients to ensure a complete understanding of your requirements leads to a better and more professional approach by the operatives.

You can have face to face as well as online meetings with our appointment setting staff to ensure that you convey your requirements appropriately. This salient and terrific interaction and higher degree of inputs facilitated by Intelliverse ensures that all of our employees are able to deliver better results.

The Numbers & Results do not Lie

Intelliverse’s appointment setting team works in conjunction with your sales team, ensuring that there is better coordination between the two arms. This team play makes the difference in the sales approach as your company will be represented professionally at all times and the sales executive will approach the potential customer will all relevant information. The tremendous coordination and interactivity between Intelliverse and your sales team makes sure that your potential customer has a seamless experience with your company and products. This projects a positive image of the company.

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