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Getting your hands on a brand new DSLR camera is a wonderful feeling. Within a few days you may start to wonder what kind of accessories you can get, which would allow you to get the most out of your time as a photographer. Here are the most common DSLR accessories and why they’re worth the extra money:

Camera Bags
When it comes to camera bags, you have plenty of options to choose from. You could get a bag that has just enough room for your DSLR, or one that has additional room for other accessories. It’s really up to you and how you plan to go about your photography.

Camera bags can come at quite a price, so I definitely recommend thinking about the future. Will you need extra space in the future? What other accessories are you thinking of buying? Do you want a traditional style bag?

Always check out the protection different bags offer, as well as security in the form of various zipped or hidden pockets.

A great piece of kit to consider buying for your DSLR is a tripod. Tripod’s allow you to shoot the same shot, over and over again with no loss of accuracy. The are perfect for landscape shooting and exposures longer than can be safely held in your hands.

Depending on your needs, you can get carbon fibre tripods that are extremely light and portable. However these comes at quite a cost, but cheaper sturdy aluminium tripods are available too.

DSLR cameras will come with some kind of built in flash, however these can be small and don’t always meet the photographers needs. A separate flashgun unit can provide an increased flash power, as well as offering greater moveability and customization to how their light is outputted.

Top of the range models often come with backlit LCD screens and greater focal range. Also creating less noise and some even have built in USB ports for future firmware updates.

Remote Releases
Remote releases allow you to activate your cameras shutter remotely. They usually come in either a wired or wireless format and are a great accessory for DSLR cameras for a number of reasons.

Wireless remotes allow a photographer to take group shots whilst they are in the shot themselves, and also when it isn’t practical to stand directly behind the camera itself.

Wired remotes come at much less of a cost, however they are still a fantastic accessory for any budding photographer.

SD Cards
The bigger the card, the more photos you can store. A good SD card also makes for fast picture transfer to the computer. There are both cheap and expensive options available from a variety of different brands. Sizes vary from a few GB’s to 10+!

Now you know a few of the most common accessories for DSLR cameras, it’s time to go and kit yourself out and your local camera store.

Jimmy Barnsley is a photographer from Brisbane, Australia. Currently travelling the globe after completing a degree at the University of Queensland. In his spare time he writes about photography, cameras, digital camera accessories etc…

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