New Release Of Martha’s Everyday Food iPhone App


New Release of Martha’s Everyday Food iPhone App

A new release of the very popular Martha Stewart Everyday Food iPhone app was released. In the ever saturated world of apps for cooking and recipe finders – the brand at least shines through here. The back bone of this app is of course the Everyday Food magazine which touts itself as the latest in food news, ideas and inspiration in cooking and has an active blog and following. While some of the Martha Stewart Brand was hurt in the past year due to brand dilution namely TV, the magazines remain intact. The magazine has been around for several years and the app draws it recipe content from past and present recipes and highlights.

The app for new users is .99 cents and while some banner ads do still appear they do not seem to interfere with the interface and they are easily ignored. The app is beautifully designed and easy to use. Users can browse by main course, ingredients, methods or occasion and if wanted by season. The search function has been optimized whereas in previous releases the search function had issues with returning high results depending on how your search was conducted by selected keywords.

Features include daily promoted recipes, editorial picks, ingredient debuts and method highlights.  Time saving techniques are also included from featured editors which includes plan ahead timing techniques and meal planning and prep advice. Also included is an ingredient substitute feature for use when you don’t have an item on hand and need expert swap advice.

Personalization includes receipt favorites with a recipe box as well as help building a shopping list.  The shopping list was one of the fixes this round as well as enhancements to the recipe finder.  The big fix this round includes the issue surrounding duplication of grocery list items that are added to a list. When users added multiple recipes to a shopping list duplications where caused when the items occurred more than once. This and many other fixes have enhanced this release.   The overall great experience from the initial release is still here – this is beautiful easy to use app that will please current and new users and maybe make some new Martha fans.

The return of Martha Stewart’s TV show on the Hallmark Channel will not be happening. Not enough viewers were tuning into the beloved brand. Some critics say that the brand had spread itself too thin. That it wasn’t special enough. If you can buy Martha’s stuff at Kmart, Sears and Lowes like everybody else why would anyone want it? The only other step further down would have been the blue zoo – Walmart. Fear not the magazine is still intact.

This article was written by Julee Whalin. Julee is an avid crafter of words on health, lifestyle and gadget topics. She primarily writes for Consumer Priority Service, a company that provides extended service plans to retailers.

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