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Twitter Follow Tab

Ever wanted to know how to follow your favorite website on Twitter? Well, it has been made easy by Twitter now with just one click on the Follow tab. The most popular micro-blogging website Twitter has recently introduced a “Follow” tab on the third party websites which makes it easier for the twitter users to follow them directly from their websites rather than searching them on Twitter separately and spending time just to find the right account.

Who can be followed? You can add your favorite celebrities, sports personalities, reporters, and so many more people having their websites or blogs. It has been just one day, as the Follow tab was launched yesterday-Tuesday and already more than 50 different websites are endorsing it.

Who’s who joined so far? Justin Beiber, Jennifer Lopez,, Britney Spears,,, Huffington Post, Lady Gaga,, The Wall Street Journal, wired,, Yahoo, etc.

Just go to and fill an easy form for your website. Once you have added the follow button on your website, the users or fans will have the benefit of following the right person or website through that tab. In this case, no duplicate account or spammers will have the opportunity to mislead your fans or users.

According to some sources, Twitter was able to make about $45million profits in global advertising campaigns and it is anticipated that this year it will be able to make even a larger amount. More twitter users will be adding up and they will be using it more this year. Twitter has introduced the Follow tab just after it launched its monetization platform by acquiring the internet advertising startup AdGrok.

The most benefits will be taken by the advertisers and publishers through the Twitter Follow tab. It has been given the newest series of tab designs and is added on different websites in an embedded format. Rather than clicking so many buttons, just click one and follow your favorite websites and personalities.

Experts say that Twitter has also entered a new word now and there is still a lot to come from the micro-blogging service in future. So stays updated and follow your favorite actors, singers, athletes and ideals in just one click.

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