6 Cool Fun Photo and Sharing Apps for iPhone to Improve Social Profiles


As a SEO and online marketing geek, I love anything that can be fun and allow me to improve my online social networking and profiles. Recently, I have begun to focus on more fun and entertaining ways to improve the video and pictures on my Facebook and other social sites. I love photography and video, and I can use anything that is Adobe, but simple Apps that can get a lot done for me on the spot are fasting getting my favour. Here is a look at my top choices at the moment, and suggestions for anyone who wants to improve the fun of sharing with images and video more effective and faster.

  • Blurb.This free App is great for creating a storyline and sharing your photos as a set small story. Take your photos as normal during the course of a day or an adventure, and import them effortlessly to this little App. You can choose themes and add customized text and the like to produce what reminds me of a comic real. It is great for piecing together the emotions and activities of a flight, for example.
  • Rec This. If you have ever had fun with Apple’s iMovie, you will understand this one right away. You choose templates, shoot your video and stick it all together with your own captions and effects. Very easy to use, and very free, you make any day, moment and adventure, into a great looking short video. Very easy to use, and makes sharing to your profiles a breeze.
  • Camera+.Camera+ turns the standard iPhone camera into a very nifty device. Your shots can look like they were taken with a digital SLR camera. This small App will make all of your photos look good, with very intuitive editing and stylizing features. You can even make a bad shot look good. If you are going to upload photos to your Facebook and other profiles, you want every one of them to look good. This App, for only around $2.50, will allow you to do just that.
  • Pocket Booth.Do you remember the craze that was started in Japan over 20 years ago? Those fun and funky photo booth shots are back, in either vintage or more elaborate fashion. This handy little App has a range of features and functions to make photos of yourself and your friends that little bit more fun. At $1.50, it is a bargain.
  • Color Splash. Don’t you just love those photos we see in advertising where the image is black and white except for a single color? Easy enough to do if you have the time to play around with Paintshop. This little App will take care of this in a second. Another way to give your images so much more appeal. $1.20.
  • 8mm Vintage Camera.Why is it we want our technology to take us back to the past? There is nothing quite like 8mm vintage footage, until now. 8mm Vintage Camera provides this for $2.50 and a simple download. Impress your friends, clients and colleagues. You just got to love this one.

By boosting the creativity and appeal of your social media profiles and your blog, you are actively participating in some of the best search engine optimization possible. Get high rankings and higher visitor numbers just by adding a few Apps to your phone. What is better than that?

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