Cheap E-readers for Under $100


The days of paying too much for a color e-reader are over!  There is a solid collection of cheap e-readers out there that exude quality in every detail.  A cheap price does not mean they are a piece of junk, as these 4 dynamic, inexpensive e-readers proves.  This list of cheap e-readers for under $100 consists of models that do every well in e-reader reviews from users and independent testers.  Here they are.

Cheap E-readers for Under $100

1. Ematic Color E-Reader

The first thing you notice when reading a book on the Ematic Color E-Reader is the lifelike quality of the page.  The C-paper technology gives it the most book-like look in the color ereader category.  Excellent reading, picture and video viewing, and music playing is also offered in one of the best values on the market.  Excellent 800×480 resolution, 7” TFT screen, expandable storage capacity, and drag & drop transfer are just some of the additional features to consider.

2. SKYTEX Color E-Reader

The SKYTEX Color E-Reader is a very good travel companion for around town or around the world.  The storage capacity can be expanded using SD cards up to 16GB, enough room to take thousands of books, documents, movies and other videos and songs with you wherever your journey leads.  The 7” color screen offers 800×480 resolution that makes reading comfortable and viewing all other media a rich experience.  Up to 10 hours of playback give you plenty of viewing pleasure between recharging.

3. Libre Color Multi-media E-Reader

The Aluratek Libre Color Multi-media E-Reader may be the most comfortable reading experiences offered by a color reader.  It utilizes new E Paper technology with its 7” color LCD screen that makes it much easier to read than many LCD’s.  If a typical computer screen strains your eyes or causes headaches, this is a serious consideration.  The effects are greatly reduced with E Paper technology.

Besides reading ease, the Libre Color Multi-media E-Reader comes pre-loaded with 100 popular and classic books. It also offers music and video playing for a true multimedia experience.  It supports Adobe Digital Editions software for a richer experience and greater usefulness.

4. Ectaco Jbl-en Jetbook-lite Ereader

Ectaco makes quality devices that get high praise in ereader reviews.  The Ectaco Jbl-en Jetbook-lite Ereader takes lightweight portability and runs with it.  The device fits neatly into a pocket or a purse so it is available whenever you have a few moments to catch up on your reading.   Portrait or landscape viewing is possible with the auto-shift for seamless transition.  Extras that many readers find helpful in the Ectaco Jbl-en Jetbook-lite Ereader are the built-in bidirectional dictionaries that include Spanish as well as German and other European languages.  The CIA World Factbook that gives vital information on more than 250 countries also makes this an outstanding travel companion.  The ability to adjust the font and size to your comfort level delivers a very comfortable reading experience.

These cheap e-readers for under $100 support most text file types you need, making them a good choice for books, documents and some periodicals.  You get a lot of bang for your minimal buck with these quality, inexpensive e-readers.

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