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When you get on your computer, you may take it for granted that you will be able to access the Internet. However, do you know how broadband Internet works? Here is a brief overview of how you get on the Internet to access pages such as Facebook and Twitter. Without a working Internet connection, you wouldn’t have access to many of the things that you use each day.

The Connection Runs Through Your Cable Lines
With a dial-up connection, your Internet service would be routed through a modem and you would get service through your phone line. That is why you wouldn’t be able to use the phone while using the Internet before broadband came to be.

However, broadband Internet is processed through your cable line whether you use the cable company or the phone company to service your Internet connection. This has many advantages including a higher Internet connection speed as well as the ability to have multiple computers connected to the Internet at the same time.

The Router Allows For a Wireless Connection
The nice thing about a broadband connection is that you don’t need to have wires to have an Internet connection. Instead, a wireless router will transmit the Internet signal through the air. Any computer or wireless device that is in range will pick up the signal.

Your computer or wireless device will then automatically connect to the network in most cases. If this is the first time that your wireless device is accessing the network, you will be asked for a password to get on the network. However, your device will remember the connection whenever it comes in range in the future.

Depending on how many devices in use at one time, a household may want to get more than one router to help amplify the signal and ensure that everyone can be online while getting great speed in doing so. If you cannot get a wireless signal, it is possible to hardwire an Ethernet cable to the computer or wireless device.

Broadband Cards Offer a Connection From Anywhere
Some people decide that they want to take the Internet wherever they go. A mobile broadband card can be placed in your computer to create an Internet connection wherever you go. This is great for business travelers or students who need a connection wherever they are.

These broadband cards are made by a variety of mobile providers. While you do have to pay for the service just like you would for any other wireless service, it can provide a level of convenience that you don’t get through a simple wi-fi connection.

The Internet is a beautiful thing thanks to broadband technology. You get better speeds which gives you access to more information in less time. When you are researching or have to be online for work, you want the fastest possible connection.  Your time is valuable and you deserve a fast connection that allows you to get what you need and move on with your life.

Sam Jones, the authro, wanted to know what is broadband and so started investigating how it works.

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