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Mobile Phone Insurance TipsEver considered taking out an insurance plan for your cell phone? At first thought, you may not think it’s worth it, but it sure can be.  All told, countless cell phones meet their end after being dropped in the toilet, a drink being spilled on them, or forgotten in a pocket and then run through the wash. These and other reasons are why having a good insurance on your phone is really a smart idea.

The best candidates for mobile phone insurance are those with pricy cell phones that cost a pretty penny to replace. For these, insurance can be a lifesaver.  Parents may want to take out an insurance policy for their kids phones.  The majority of phones stolen belong to teens who favor top of the line, trendy models.

But choosing phone insurance can be tricky. As you are shopping around and deciding on a policy, there are a few things you should take a look at.

Some key questions to ask an insurer are:

  • Does the coverage include a back up service for data?
  • Is the cost of any apps or extras I may have lost with the phone covered? Its even more important when you are looking for your iPhone insurance
  • Does the coverage include a guaranteed phone replacement?
  • Does the insurance run for the same term as the phone contract?
  • What will be the total costs for a claim in excesses and administration fees?

A good practice for Mobile phone users is to periodically back up apps, music downloads, address lists, photos and other data.  Having a cell phone stolen can mean days or weeks of hassle as you work to replace the information.

Following are some tips for getting the best mobile phone insurance value:

1. Don’t accept automatically the mobile phone insurance offered when you buy your mobile phone. They tend to be some the priciest of all.

2. If a salesperson or on line promises “Free Mobile Insurance” be sure to check the fine print. In many cases the first month is free with regular charges being tacked on after the first month and you may not even notice you’re paying it.

3. Are you already covered? If you’ve had a phone for a time, check the details for your last statement to see if you may already have and be paying for insurance.

4. Shop the independent insurers. You may be able to find economy covers for less than half what most of the major insurers are charging.

6. Got many mobile phones in your family? If you plan to insure more than one phone, look for a plan that will cover several mobiles on one policy.

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  1. thank you, many people do not realize about the importance of insurance, they are generally aware of the bad things happen. so why should delay if now we can begin to set aside a little money to invest in the future.

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