Top Business Apps For Android


Top Business Apps For Android
Some powerful business tools are floating in the sea of smartphone apps. In this post we’ll highlight some of the best business apps for Android users. (Unless otherwise noted, All these android apps are available in the Android Market.)

Certify Wallet
The mobile expense management app from Certify is for both individuals and corporate groups. Certify Wallet (free 30-day trial; requires Certify On Demand subscription) records billable hours and lets the user distribute invoices when he is logged in to If you like to personalize your invoice requests, you can add your business contact information and a company logo. As a traveling salesperson, you are able to conveniently snap photos of receipts and email expense reports to your accounting department while on the go, so you don’t have to waste time stapling receipts to forms when you return to the office. This feature works during airplane mode, and when you’re back online, you can sync and send the reports. Certify has incorporated Travelocity Business Express, a feature that automatically generates an expense report when you book a flight, rental car, or hotel through Travelocity Business.

EasyTether ($9.99) lets devices piggyback an Internet connection from your smartphone via USB cable. The app doesn’t require mobile broadband service—all you’ll need to do is tether the USB cable to a PC (Windows, Mac OS X, or Ubuntu), Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, or Microsoft Xbox. The app will run a setup wizard to help you enable the connection. If you want to test EasyTether before you shell out the coin for the full version, you can download EasyTether Lite free.
This version doesn’t support instant messengers, secured sites, and tethering to game consoles, however.

Thinking Space
If you’re a visual organizer, then Thinking Space (free) should be the next app on your to-download list. Billed as “portable mind mapping,” Thinking Space gives you links, notes, colors, and icons to create an interconnected diagram.
The developer, Kinesthetic Ltd., recommends using Thinking Space for taking minutes, organizing a new business plan, outlining tasks, and planning events. Any files you produce with Thinking Space may be used in conjunction with other mind mapping applications, such as Freemind, Xmind, MindManager, and MindMeister API. For $4.78, you can install the Pro version of Thinking Space that includes file hyperlinks, tag sorting, folder categories, style options, and full-screen mode.

GO Launcher EX
The Android platform was engineered for customization, and GO Launcher EX (free) takes advantage of this capability by supplying users with hundreds of home screen themes. Plain and simple, you can put your icons where you want and hide and reveal them according to your preference. Choose icons from a pop-up menu, access a task manager (and folders) in the app drawer, and set screen transition and flip speed. To choose a theme, locate Themes Preferences when you search through Go Launcher Theme. Thanks to the Go Launcher development team, the latest upgrade to the app provides more grid size options, supports track ball page turning, enhances the interface for the dock bar and app drawer, and fixes wallpaper bugs associated with switching themes.

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