LCD TV 42LD450 from LG


LCD TV 42LD450 from LG

Buying a television has become expensive nowadays. If you wish to purchase the latest model with added features then you have to invest more dollars for buying a TV. In my view, the price of the model and its quality are the two factors which count a lot and LD450 has both. Even though I had some bitter experience with LG DVD player this model LD450 has changed my view.

This LCD TV comes with a stand, a manual and a good remote. The appearance of this model looks dull with black slab around black LCD screen. An indicator which is located in the right side bottom glows when the TV is switched on. The entire keys are found discrete either on its side or at its back. It contains 2 HDMI inputs which is sufficient for me. Two speakers are hidden or in-built which produces great sound. One output is given for giving audio connection and is somewhat disappointing factor.

With its 50 Hertz the quality of the picture is remarkable in this model. The quality of regular channels is good enough for watching and High Definition channels are really great. You can install the TV yourself with the help of manual which is clear and simple. The feature of Eco friendly mode is good but it produces some dullness on the screen. Various modes are available for selecting the picture and it is possible to set up any picture settings which suit your taste and you can save them.

The set contains a USB input port as an additional element. You can connect a pen drive through this port and enjoy music or watch pictures through TV menu. It is possible to activate the video playback if you purchase a universal remote.

This model LD 450 is an excellent piece available for such a low price. This would be a great choice if you wish to change your TV without wasting more money. You can enjoy watching HD movies using the additional feature of this TV. You can buy it at Amazon for $566.


This 42LD450 model from LG has LCD screen sized 42 inches, with full high definition of 1080 pixels, excellent contrast ratio, 2 HDMI ports, with an added USB port for enjoying music and pictures. LG gives one year warranty for its parts.


It contains excellent matching ratios, viewing angle, 3 control modes for color, 7 modes for picture, 3 AV modes, and an indicator for denoting signal strength.


It contains 3 modes of audio, four speakers with two way systems, and a decoder; surround sound effect, clarity, automatic sound leveler, and 5 modes of EZ sound mode.

Extra features

It is equipped with additional features like backlight control, energy saving eco mode, parental control chip, key lock option, and quick view option. It also includes various language options, auto tuning facility, auto manual clock, set up timer and auto sleep option.

Speakers from Harman/Kardon

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